Thanks, The Home Depot, for helping us be more self-sufficient!

If you are in need of energy efficient appliances or just want to know what kind of light bulb will reduce energy consumption, it's all there on one simple page, just a click away on The Home Depot site. I was interested in the changes I could make with cleaning products and gardening so I clicked on "Healthy Home"...more

You are spending $446.64 more per year more than your efficient neighbors!

This is definitely motivating to me to be better about saving energy and money. I have one neighbor who has told me SHE is the energy-efficient neighbor spoken of in our bill. It‟s my goal to be her by next summer! A huge energy drain is escaping heat or cold air. The bottom of our front door doesn‟t meet the ground! A $10 weather stripping panel from The Home Depot can block the gap. ...more

Organic Seeds - Following Our Gardening Journey

Jun 21, 2011   A few months ago I ordered some organic seeds from Seeds of Change, an organization that supports sustainable organic and heirloom growers. Since we are only going to do some container gardening, I ordered things that would grow well in pots–tomatoes, peppers and a variety of herbs. Per the usual for me lately, I ordered late (which means some of the things I wanted were already sold out) and got a late start in planting . ...more

Mint: Voracious Weed Or Tasty Treat? Both!

I began gardening a couple of years ago with a lot of enthusiasm. Turns out, I’m not very good at it. I don’t have a big appetite for the physical labor involved, I get distracted during the planning phase, I’m always doing things at the wrong time. Essentially, I don’t put in enough time, money or energy to make the garden really shine. So my garden is what it is: weedy, funky, and increasingly given over to perennials that ...more

On Acquisitions, Consumption and Produce Bags

I am not, or ever have been, a Trekkie. I'm spelling it here with two Ks only because Google made me. That Google is also an aggregator* of Trekkies should not come as a surprise. I would have spelled it with one K, but I guess it follows the same rule as doggie, nutter, and coffee. Anyhoo, at some point in the not-too-distant past, I came across the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, which are a must read. The ...more

Green Summer - Contemplating Plastics


Interactive Map of Global Warming Effects

The Union of Concerned Scientists published the results of much research and data collection in an interactive map. Clicking on the various hot spots around the world map leads you to several things. You see local results of climate change, a link to an action item and a link to a solution item. Interactive Climate Change Map with popup In this example, the ACTION button leads to a suggestion to write a letter to a coal fired electric generating ...more

The X-factor

One of the more frequently asked questions that I get is "why do you eat organic?". I've been asked on many occasions about our organic eating habits... or about our refusal to spray our house for bugs/pests, or the yard for weeds... or about my stubborn dedication to exclusively breastfeed preemies... Check out these links: Environment plays larger role in autism, study says Antidepressant use in pregnancy may raise autism risk As these articles discuss, and which I believe, ...more

Amazingly Effective, Nontoxic Fly Repellant

Share Tweet Flies seem to be everywhere this time of year.  I was out at a local farm just yesterday and the flies were very noticeable and quite annoying as I went about my work. Seeing all those flies reminded me of a simple, nontoxic and very effective fly repellant that I observed in action at one of my children’s field trips a couple of months ago. The class was visiting a petting farm with a large open barn ...more
flies are very annoying and really hard to get rid of, got to try this next time.more

Homemade Mosquito Repellants

Let’s say you’re in your backyard this summer with the family. You’ve just finished cleaning off the grill after a great meal. It is dusk and the kids are using up their last bits of energy before they crash in their beds and you are enjoying the peaceful wind down of a relaxing summer day. Ouch! You look down on your arm and see a swelling mosquito bite and realize you’ve become something of a feast yourself. What can ...more