Spoil the Pooch: Anti-Itch Dog Biscuits

Editor's Note: Itchy dog? Scratchy beast? This doggie mom set about finding a tasty solution and put together a tasty biscuit recipe for her pups. --HeatherSome dog breeds are susceptible to dry skin and itching. German Shepherds are one of those breeds. I sweep up a new poodle every day in GSD dog hair. There's got to be a solution. At least, I'm hoping so....more

Four Cheap Toys That Stood the Test of Time

When I'm at a friend's house, I often like to know which toys their kids have enjoyed for the longest. It's almost without fail that the simplest ones are the favorites. The big, expensive ones with lights and sounds get old (or break) quickly. The same is true around here....more
Sidewalk chalk. Endless fun!more

Little Black Bear Break-In, Plus Bear Facts

They have five toes, each with a well-developed claw.  The adults weigh between 100-350 pounds, and they are, well, as cute as teddy bears. Hello California black bears! Some say they are dangerous but aren’t all wild animals? In some areas, especially near, or in, the national parks and forests, they have been known to break into restaurants and houses, causing many upsets. I know it is inconvenient, to say the least, but, I must ask, isn’t this their forest and park?  Do humans not leave food and trash out to tempt them?...more
Thank you Jane!  I am happy to hear of your involvement in Defenders of Wildlife, the animals ...more

Experiment Against Excess: Can You Do Better?

Editor's Note: Even for non-green types, there (hopefully) comes a time for awareness of one's own environmental footprint. This blogger and her family have taken a hard look at their daily lifestyle, studied their waste reduction, self-sufficiency and energy consumption and come to some conclusions and alterations. --HeatherI am not normally someone who considers themselves “green”.  As Jen Hatmaker says, there just isn’t a category for it in my mind. I don’t have strong convictions for or against conservation, recycling, and the environment....more

5 Things to Know About a DIY Kitchen Remodel

What's the grandmama of home remodeling? A kitchen overhaul. Tempted to do one yourself? Here's what you need to know. ...more
@Taylor de Sa I sooo feel your pain.more

Environmental Sustainability Needs All Smarts On Deck

My involvement in social media has taught me many things, but likely the most important lesson is what a huge role perception plays in "virtual conversations".  Over the past two years, I have achieved a tremendous amount of personal growth by being exposed to the truly broad range of ideas and thoughts of other bloggers.  ...more
@mrssharp If we look hard enough, I think that we can find some common ground.  I know that we ...more

Swing Set Converted to a Chicken Coop

Editor's Note: In one of the best examples of upcycling we've seen in awhile, one industrious hubby deconstructs a well-worn backyard swing set into a comfy home for the chickens. Bravo! --HeatherMy husband is a genius. And a wee-bit frugal. When we decided to get chickens, he began thinking about what he could use to build our chicken coop while spending the least amount of money. He decided to turn our old swingset into a chicken coop!...more

The Greenest Female CEOs in America

Though the modern female CEO is still outnumbered by her male counterparts, women have made some power strides in today's biggest businesses. About 20 of the largest companies in America are run by woman, with an increasing number being promoted each year. Not surprising, a lot of the women lead companies that go one step further than generating profits –  they care about the environment. Check out the power players in some of the biggest companies in the United States:...more

Dumpster Diving and 'Rescuing' Recyclables

Editor's Note: Time for trash-y confessions all around. I mean, who hasn't pulled perfectly recyclable trash from another person's dumpster and moved in to its proper place? My guess is that if you're reading this, chances are, you're guilty too. --Heather ...more
Growing up, my parents always pulled things out of dumpsters. It took me until my 30s to ...more

Dear Marissa Mayer: It's Earth Day, Shouldn't We Work at Home?

We've all heard the arguments for telecommuting because it's better for work-life balance, but on this Earth Day, Liz at Hello Ladies wants to remind executives (ahem, Marissa Mayer!) that working from home is also better for the environment:...more
I so wish I was allowed to work from home- half of our company does, and even about half of my ...more