How to Beat Insomnia Naturally

After the birth of my third child, I suffered from insomnia that lasted well beyond the newborn phase. For those of you who haven’t experienced insomnia it’s pretty awful. During that year (yes, 12 months) of sleepless nights there were times when I was able to fall right asleep, but would then wake up and stare at the ceiling for hours unable to fall back asleep. ...more
I too used to suffer from insomnia, could not fall asleep to save my life! I was taking Tylenol ...more

Natural Solutions to Fighting Summer Bugs

One look at my tan, bruised, bumpy legs would tell you: I live in bug country. I recently moved from Colorado, a place too high and dry for much of a buzzy population, to North Dakota, a super moist spot with lots of high grasses and puddles. My arms and legs are peppered with 'mozzie' bites (leftover slang from my Australian adventures) and I even have one behind my ear, fer chrissakes. 'So what's your problem?' you may wonder, 'just get some repellent, get on with your life and stop whining.' ...more
Sounds great! Thanks, Barbaramore

Homemade Laundry Soap

With 5-7 people living here at any time, plus running a home daycare, we do A LOT of laundry here at The Homestead. Since I don’t want all kinds of harsh chemicals in my family’s clothes, and all-natural detergents are expensive, I choose to make my own Laundry Soap. It’s easy, economical, all-natural and effective. I put its effectiveness to the test several months ago, as I tried to drink coffee in the car while wearing a white blouse. Oops. I thought for sure the blouse was ruined, but I washed it with this soap and the stains came out, first try! ...more
I did and couldnt get rid of the little soap clumps which remained on the clothes. Maybe I didnt ...more

Food Fright: Too Much Misinformation?

While perusing her local library, this Kansas blogger was struck by how many activist books were targeted at the food industry and agriculture. In this post, she calls for a cease in the 'food fight' to ponder a few key facts:...more
I started dieting "localvore" as much as possible. I would say I suffer from food fright :/more

Canning on the Cheap

[Editor's Note: I remember canning with my mom and grandma back in Iowa. Hot. Very hot. We did it because it was cheaper than buying canned goods. Now if you're not careful all those supplies are pricey! Read Mary's tips for frugal canning. -Rita]...more

Eco-Friendly Hotels in Sonoma

When I was in Healdsburg, California for the Epicurean Winter Event way back in March, I stayed at two hotels under the same umbrella — h2hotel and Hotel Healdsburg, both along Healdsburg Avenue, which border the bustling Healdsburg Square, home to a number of great restaurants, shops, art galleries and wine tasting rooms....more
And the Dry Creek Kitchen is fantastic food in a spare, modernistic, yet elegant environment. ...more

Navy's Controversial Testing: Marine Life Threatened?

There's been a lot of outcry over the Navy's proposal to conduct training drills that could adversely affect – and possibly kill – thousands of marine life off the Southern California coast. Alexis, a graduate student in the Zoology PhD program at the University of Hawaii, uses sounds to study the movement and behavior of cetaceans (dolphins and whales) and sometimes birds. From a purely scientific perspective, she plans to dive deep into the proposal one bit at a time, starting with this post:...more
Very. Very concerned.more

Beth Terry's 'Plastic Free' Book Gets Covered in Plastic

Oh, the irony:...more
This cracked me up.more

5 Shopping Tips for the Farmer's Market

'Tis the season for outdoor aisles of fresh produce, breads, cheese, meats, flowers....Farmer's Markets are a dazzling sign that summer is here:....more
Bring tons of money. Farmers markets are crazy expensive unfortunately. more

'Organic' Is a Dirty Word

A few months back, I was talking with Kirk about -- what else? -- organic farming. “They need a new word for it,” he said. “A new word? What? Why?” “'Organic’ is just...I don’t know...not good. They need a new word.” I was incredulous. Good lord, what could possibly be wrong with organic? I can’t think of anything more harmless or healthy. But once I put my self-righteous indignation aside, I gained valuable insight....more
HA!  I was just going to post the same thing.  I'm in the southeast and around here ...more