Wind Energy Study for an LA School

The beginnings of a wind farm in Los Angeles? Is it possible? As someone who has worked in the wind industry since the 90’s, I have seen the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful with regards to proponents and opponents of wind energy. And sometimes, very rarely, an opportunity appears where the best of what wind power has to offer can be realized in ways that can educate, inspire and directly benefit a community in need....more

Is Our Food Supply Less Safe After the Monsanto Protection Rider Passed in Congress?

The issue of food safety is becoming more and more important to the American public, as proved by the outrage last week when Congress passed the Monsanto Protection Rider. My social media feed blew up with protestations. ...more
Hi Karen, all this Monsanto issue is going around and I haven't stumbled on any international ...more

10 Dumb Pinterest Purchases

Editor's Note: I try to stay the hell off Pinterest most of the time, because it makes me feel slovenly and uncoordinated. So it was with great satisfaction I read The Dose of Reality's list of the 10 dumbest suggested purchases on Pinterest. Please to enjoy. -Rita...more
Okay, the moss bathmat is disgusting, but I have to stick up for fleece lined leggings! They're ...more

Milk Crate Planters

Editor's Note: In time for spring, a creative gardener thinks inside the, milk crate. --HeatherThey are easily made and easily moved. They are great for lettuce, carrots, or any other smallish veggie that is gonna get CRUSHED by the frost and needs to be put indoors. Whenever it gets too cold at our house, I just move them into the garage. Once the frost danger is over? Back outside!...more

Home Energy Audit: Incentives and Insulation

Spring is almost here, and you may be ready to open your windows, turn off your heater, and forget winter. But before you do, consider calling an energy auditor to find out about rebates and incentives for improvements to your home's energy efficiency. That was my first step in my latest project,  which is the focus of a series of posts at home(re)made. ...more

Interview: Lisa Jackson, Former Head of EPA

Lisa Jackson recently retired as America’s top environmental CEO. For four years, she was the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a job that put her right in the middle of the nation’s most important and high-profile environmental controversies. (She was also the first African-American to hold that position.)...more

World Water Day 2013

Today, March 22, marks the 20th annual World Water Day and if you are reading this, there's a good chance you can walk over to a tap, turn it on and expect clean water, but for 800 million people (mostly women and children), this is not a reality. Add to this rising temperatures, exploding populations, increasing droughts and widening pollution and it all adds up to one word: crisis. ...more
@HomeRearedChef Beautiful! Something I will try to say every day. Thanks, Virginia.more

Growing Tips For Your Culinary Herb Garden

Editor's Note: Spring has sprung - the perfect time to consider (perhaps for the first time) growing your own herbs. This post offers suggestions and tips for anyone looking to spice up their garden, and their cooking --HeatherIf you’ve never grown your own herbs, it’s something you should consider. There are a variety of herbs that are easy to grow and many that are well suited for growing in pots or planters, so whether you live on a large estate or a cozy apartment, as long as you have a sunny spot, there are herbs perfect for you to grow....more
I love your herb garden! Very pretty.more

Conserving Water for the Garden Season

In preparation for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs this season, one gardener offers her thoughts on saving (and reusing) water for the cause:I got a catchment barrel on Freecycle that I'm excited to use, but I am waiting to use it until we have time and money to alter the gutters. I learned recently that the catchment water can't be used in a vegetable garden because the water that touched the roof is contaminated with chemicals from the shingles. ...more

Which Wild Animals Have You Spotted in Your Own Backyard?

Spring has almost sprung and that means it's time to start spotting the "critters" that might be visiting your backyard. Whether you live in the city, the suburbs or out in the country, there's always a chance to get in touch with your inner Ellie May and witness the wonder of our furred and feathered friends. Spotting wildlife helps us recognize that the environment is healthy and functioning....more
@reverberations  I have two wild bluebirds (official name is Western Scrub Jay) that visit my ...more