Victory Gardens: Now a Misdemeanor

When it comes to landscaping it may seem what's good enough for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue should be good enough for the working class neighborhoods of America, but Oak Park, a Detroit-area community in Michigan, disagrees.Students from local schools help Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, and First Lady Michelle Obama, plant the 2011 White House Kitchen Garden. ...more

Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Sunscreens: Everything You Need to Know

Skin cancer is scary and ugly. I should know. I've had it seven times. And every time, I've had to have it cut out or burned off in order to control it....more

I am the same way - fair skinned and easily burned. I'm always the lightest of my friends. I ...more

Irritated with Plastic Berry Containers? Give Them Back

How do you buy berries and cherry tomatoes without plastic? Most small fruits come in those green plastic mesh baskets or increasingly in clear plastic clamshells. If you shop your local farmers market, it’s not a problem. The farmers want their containers back! ...more

We recently switched over to canvas grocery bags. We still have a long way to go, but we're ...more

Go Green, Period: I Tried a Reusable Menstrual Cup

If you're like me, you're looking for ways to improve upon your efforts at green living.  Here's my latest step. Since the return of my period when my daughter was 14 months old, I have been a GladRags girl.  GladRags are reusable cloth menstrual pads, and in my five years of using them, I have loved them!  They are so much more comfortable  than disposable menstrual pads, they are obviously cheaper in the long run and better for the environment, and they are multi-purpose--I wear them when I am s...more

I had a really hard time with them learning how to use pads correctly and then tampons. It was a ...more

On Chicks Becoming Chickens, And Becoming Dinner

I feel completely out of touch with our chicks. It may have something to do with being away from home for a few days immediately after they arrived, though I suspect it may be more, well, more deliberate than that....more
Awesome post!  We got chicks for the first time last spring and, hand to God, we haven't lost a ...more

Our Food Diversity is Shrinking. So Why Should You Care?

A friend and colleague sent me a link to an article from National Geographic that explains how food sources—crops, vegetables and animals bred for food—around the globe are becoming less biologically diverse. The story, titled Food Ark, is very interesting and worth reading if you, you know, eat....more
I'm a lifetime farmer/agriculturalist. And I share these concerns. I was recently shocked to ...more

First U.S. No-Packaging Grocery to Open in 2011

This month, The Brothers Lane will announce the Austin location of the first in.gredients store, which will offer no-packaging grocery shopping. The store, which is expected to open sometime in October, will let customers fill their own reusable containers with everything and anything found in a normal grocery store: local and organic products ranging from dry bulk goods and dairy to wine and beer and household cleaners. ...more
I recently saw some pieces on shows like CNN and the journal with Joan Lunden on PBS that were ...more

Dry Your Clothes for Free

Want to do your laundry the eco-friendly way? It’s a simple, two-step process:...more
I'd consider hanging things in our garage, but our garage is full, dirty with lawn equipment ...more

Top 10 Eco-Ways to Keep Cool While the Planet Heats Up

 Do you love summer but hate the heat? Me, too, especially when it’s combined with the high humidity we have where I live in the Washington, D.C. suburbs. Here’s how I’ve been keeping cool as 100+degree heat waves have rolled through town:...more

Diane MacEachern

The humidity in Washington, ...more

What to Know Before You Go to the Farmers Market.

In my family going to the farmers market is an adventure. But what do you need to know before you go?Be sure to take cash small bills work best. Most vendors don’t take credit or debit cards. Although they will take SNAP benefits at our local markets.Bring your own bags, some vendors have bags but don’t count on it. It is better to have a big bag to put all of your purchases in....more

So glad you take your kid to the farmer's market. My kids just love going. They think of it as a ...more