Food Politics: The Questionable Ethics of Quinoa

As a Registered Dietician, Alysa Bajenaru explores the healthful benefits of natural foods, such as quinoa but increasingly, ethical questions have risen around this delightful edible seed. She turned to a fellow dietician and friend, Andy Bellatti, to explain some of the questionable politics around this popular 'hippie food' and what it means for farmers in South America:...more
Thank you all for your responses to the article.  The point was not to encourage anyone to stop ...more

Stop Wasting Food with These Strategies

When we started getting all up with the frugality at the Arens household, we quickly realized we couldn't make a new meal every night. Three people just don't eat that much food. Even with eating leftovers literally every day for lunch, there were still days we threw some away. And that felt beyond icky. I absolutely hate to waste food....more
I would hold myself up as a big food waster and tout my husband as the most major food saver and ...more

Food Choices for a Healthier Planet

While I’ve always been interested in green living, I didn’t learn until just a few years ago how our food choices can have a big impact on the environment. For anyone out there who thinks sustainable living means wearing all-hemp outfits, going around with dirty hair, or just plain going without, this one’s for you. When it comes to food, what’s best for the planet just happens to be the best for our bodies and our taste buds....more
This is a great post! I grow a large organic garden and have been avoiding processed foods for ...more

How Green is Your iPad Mini?

I got a new iPad Mini as a Christmas gift, and I just can't seem to shut up about it. Clearly, I am totally taken with this technology. Thanks to my tablet I'm reading more. I'm catching up on blogs and checking out magazine articles and finishing actual books. I feel like I'm a hungry person, and I've just finished a restrictive diet. I'm re-immersing myself in words. It's wonderful, particularly as someone who writes for a living. ...more
@Virginia DeBolt I have seen the story of stuff, and I am appalled.   At the same time, there is ...more

Creating a Community Garden from Scratch

 Creating a community garden from scratch is not for the faint of heart.  That being said, if you have a strong desire to create community and love gardening this can truly be the work of the heart.  By working together to create something tangible you will form lasting friendships and build a foundation for healthy living in your community. A community garden provides a location for recreation and learning....more
Ooh I'd love to do this to get to know like minded people when we move into our new house.more

7 Tips to Avoid Toxic Chemicals In Food

Realities of the modern world require our attention. Namely, toxic chemicals in or around our food. Our friend, Lindsay Dahl, is on the job with her regular posts over at the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families blog. Lindsay offers specific strategies to avoiding unwanted chemicals in last month's post, Tips to Avoid Toxic Chemical in Food. My personal favorite is Tip #3:3) Popcorn the old fashioned way. ...more
I love stove top pop corn it is actually pretty easy but the air pop is pretty much the same and ...more

Vice President Biden and Rock the Green Inaugural Ball

The Green Inaugural Ball was a blast: part rock concert, part political rally, part fashion show, and definitely part food feast....more
Sounds like a great evening! I am so impressed that it was nearly zero waste. This just proves ...more

Plot Early: Make a Garden Plan

With winter dragging on, and the days slipping by quickly, being prepared may just give you the biggest yield of your garden. If you are a first time gardener, or your past few years have been difficult, you will need to make a garden plan. You do not need to have a complex garden plan, just a simple outline of what is being planted, where at in the garden, and around what time....more
Great post! I have a community garden plot, and I love it. Granted, it is always a work in ...more

Saving Things, Using Things

I am fascinated by things, and our attachment to our things.Why are some people hoarders? How are some people able to live out of a suitcase, or in carefully curated minimalist surroundings ?...more
At Christmas, I used up some really neat Christmas cards that I had saved for myself (just to ...more

Going Green For Baby

Sure, having a baby means more stuff but that doesn't mean you can't make conscious decisions about what kind of stuff. Fresh from her appearance on Texas Living on KTXD in Dallas/Fort Worth, this blogger offers excellent tips on welcoming your new bundle of joy with a clear eco-conscious:...more