Building an Aquaponics Garden

Why put all that labor into gardening when you can make a bunch of fish do it? This is the secret beyond aquaponics. Okay, maybe it's just one of the secrets - there may be more, as Jaden Hair soon discovers:I showed him this Kickstarter campaign for a home aquaponics system, which I immediately backed and after watching a few YouTube videos on home aquaponics, he asked the magic question: Why is it so difficult to set up an aquaponics system for the home garden? ...more
We had a little pond at our old house and it was so wonderful being able to go out and feed the ...more

Feeding Body and Soul: How Growing Our Food Enhances Spirituality

I am what some would call a cradle Episcopalian.  I was raised a member of Bethesda By The Sea Episcopal church in Palm Beach, Florida; and have spent my adult life a part of the family of St. Christopher’s in Cozad, Nebraska....more

Recycling and Landfill: What Do Things Really Cost?

Turns out, Annie Leonard isn't the only one wondering what happens to our stuff once we throw it out. In her post, Car Seat Recycling and Depot Tour, Suzanne, over at Mommy Footprint, has a question or two about the lifespan of our beloved things, what can be recycled and the non-recyclable....more
Yes!! We've pared down our waste quite a bit in recent years, which feels so great, but we're ...more

Don't Toss the Old Calendar - Make Gift Boxes!

This time of year everyone has a new calendar, which means we also have an old one (or two or three) to take down from the walls and fridge, and wonder what to do with.  We spend a whole year with these beloved collections of images, and then most of us toss them in the trash come January first....more
Thank you so much Kim!   I created boxes out of aryle sweater calendar using your blog. All my ...more

Giving New Life To Old Lipsticks

Some folks are just more resourceful than others. Thankfully, those people blog. This post offers a step-by-step guide on how to revamp those old lipsticks and save them from the trash bucket:...more
Awesome, I love this!! :)more

The Gift Certificate Last Minute Gift Guide

You left it until the last minute, didn't you? Now it's the end of December and you haven't bought one gift. Never fear! I've put together five ideas for great gift certificates that you can get until the eleventh hour....more
@SticklerEditing Thanks for reading!more

Green Gifts For Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast on October 29th – right before the holidays, when many of us seek non-commercial, non-materialistic ways to show our love for family and friends. Meanwhile, hundreds in New Jersey and New York lost their homes and, in some cases, all their belongings due to wind, fire and floods - and they struggle still....more

The Worst Green Gifts for Eco-Newbies

I'm guilty: I'm an Elitist Gifter. At least, I have been in the past. I just think whatever thing I've been using, or food I've been eating, or book I've been reading has been so gosh-danged fabulous I just have to pass it along. My very own version of Oprah's Favorite Things, if you will, but with less hysteria and sobbing. Well, maybe some sobbing---green gifts aren't always appreciated. ...more
A very fine line to walk! I know I'm guilty of being Green Oprah with my favourite things. I'm ...more

Plastic Bags, Still Everywhere

They don't really ask you, "Paper or plastic?" anymore, do they?  They simply offer plastic.  Maybe if you are somewhere hip like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, you have a paper option but most people at these establishments are bringing their own bags anyway.  ...more
BlogHer Be interesting to see how states banning plastic are packaging their produce.more

Trash to Treasure: The Holiday Hubcap

A crafty blogger finally finds a seasonal reason for her compulsion to 'save' lost hubcaps, thus, a beautiful and clever trash upcycle is born:...more