Tips For an Eco Hanukkah

The menorah has been lit, and the celebration of Hanukkah has begun. However, let us not forget to be eco-conscious. Check out some of these easy tips to have a healthy and green Hanukkah this year and every year....more

My Guilt-Ridden Love Affair with Fresh Direct

I just got a whole organic chicken for $1.99 a pound and didn’t have to lug it home four blocks from Whole Foods. I have organic, local Honeycrisp apples and I didn’t even have to hike to the CSA pick up. I’ve fallen in love with Fresh Direct, the NY-based grocery delivery service that just launched in Philadelphia. I’m saving time, not spending much more money, and getting to browse the market of my dreams from my iPhone. ...more
You could also spend the time you save contacting Fresh Direct to ask them to do what they can ...more

Waste-Free Solutions to Gift Wrapping

'Tis the season of shopping, eating, drinking, wrapping and decorating, followed by more eating, more shopping, more drinking and some unwrapping. (This will be followed by resolutions, returns and extreme dieting, but hey, that's not until January.)...more
My parents always used newspaper - especially the weekend comics since they're full color. I use ...more

Decorative Duct Tape + Cardboard Box = Fancy New Storage Bin

[Editor's Note: Baskets are great for storing a myriad of things. The help keep things like toys, mail or toiletries corralled all the whole looking spiffy. The problem is fabric lined baskets can cost so much it's enough to make you want to throw your stuff in an old box and call it a day. Elizabeth from Trenches of Mommyhood did just that and her up-cycled basket looks amazing. - Jen]...more
I love this idea - this is much better than plastic storage bins.more

The True Cost of (Meat) Sustainability

Let me get this out of the way: It is not cheaper to raise chickens for meat than it is to buy them in the grocery store.However, that is assuming you are buying regular-grade (as opposed to organic) meat, or that you are buying whole chickens and cutting them up. If you just buy parts (boneless, skinless breasts, for example), then you would probably save money by raising your own. Or like I said, if you pay a premium price for buying organic, or buying local farm-raised chicken, you will definitely see a cost savings....more
Great info. Thanks.more

Can Sodastream Replace Soda?

Whenever I ask folks if they like their Sodastream, they respond with notable passion: "It has CHANGED MY LIFE." Wow, um, okay. In this post, Jen drills down to numbers and the reality of replacing soda with a homemade version:...more
@Dwana of Houseonahillorg Do your kids use the smaller bottles for when they are out of the ...more

5 Eco-Friendly Holiday Tree Ideas

Our favorite Good Girl reaches out to Christmas tree fans who don't want to switch out their eco-principles for a pine-scented holiday tradition. In this post, she offers up some thoughtful research and helpful solutions to the "tree problem":...more
I haven't, but apparently the people who lived here before us did. We now have a small-ish fir ...more

Green Your Beauty Routine: Makeup Must Haves

A decade ago, the options for eco-chic beauty were small. Products seemed to fall into two categories: the crunchy-granola no fuss basics and the uber-expensive handcrafted in a monastery in the Alps exclusives. I wanted pretty things minus harsh chemicals at a reasonable price. The search began....more

Holiday Alternatives to Material Gifts

Like many Americans, I am not swimming in extra cash this holiday season. Though I look forward to merry making with loved ones, I dread the money-sucking traditions of the holidays. How can I avoid the buying? And if I must make a purchase, how I can put some deeper meaning behind the gift? My goal this season is to aim high, buy low....more
@Kim_H Very wise words, Kim. Just because you are crazy about something, doesn't mean the giftee ...more

Vote With Your Dollar - Today, Every Day

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Buy Nothing Day, Small Business Saturday. Boycott Walmart, but don't forget to support the workers!Are the pressures to both spend and not spend driving you crazy yet? I have a solution for you, which is to make every day of a year a day that you make deliberate and conscious choices about where you spend your money. ...more
"It's just another Friday" -- couldn't agree more.  However, you will not find me at the store ...more