I Made a Town Meeting Gasp

I'm not the kind that plays for attention. In the background is where I feel comfortable; my husband and children say I even wear mouse-coloured clothes. My mouth is not fast, or loud. But yesterday I stood up at a town meeting and made the room gasp....more
@CelloMom On Cars I agree with you, I've never rode with a helmet for all the reasons you like ...more

Magazines, Lose the Poison Perfume Pages!

After discovering that perfume ingredients are often linked to allergies and hormone disruptors, this mom (and magazine lover) got mad. Then, she launched a petition to convince the CEOs of Condé Nast, Time Inc, Hearst Magazines and Fairchild Fashion Media to ban fragrance samples in their publications:...more
Oddly (to me), Wired Magazine is the stinkiest magazine we get. Man that thing is awful.I ...more

Consumers Move the Market on Toxic BPA

It was just three years ago when I was working on the first ban on the toxic chemical, BPA. I was living in Minnesota, working long hours at the state legislature and with the public to educate families about the potential dangers of toxic chemicals. Fast-forward a few years and millions of parents now know about BPA and try to avoid it where possible. The massive public education that is taking place about toxic chemicals in our products gives me hope that we’ll be able to change our flawed system, soon....more

Travel: Simplifying Without Wasting

It's like a mini-product purge (sort of) like I did here, or maybe we could call it just being more efficient. Efficiently simplifying! See, we end up with a bunch of product samples -- mostly freebies that were included as special offers, or free with a coupon deal. And sample-sizes are perfect sizes for purse necessities or diaper bag needs, and finally, of course, small sizes for travel....more
Use. Very handy.more

Get Rid of Fruit Flies Naturally

Fruit flies. I hate them. Really really dislike them. When I think I have rid them from my home- POOF they reappear just like that. It is endless cycle- a battle I may never win. Our kitchen is filled with bananas and since it is apple season, apples of course....more
I do the same as Michelle from Everythings a Buzz. It works!more

7 Tips for Keeping Your Clothes Gorgeous

[Editor's Note: For the past five or six years, I've become obsessed with buying quality things and keeping them in good repair so they'll last longer and look nicer. Natasha's tips for keeping clothes looking great are fabulous! Make sure you check them all out. I pulled out number 6 because I'm asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. -Rita]...more

Hunting Tales: An Awful Mercy

This achingly beautiful post, written by a man who comes by his food honestly (the author of Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast), will pull you in to that chilly Wyoming morning with vivid imagery. Hank's story may also invoke a pondering of life, death and the deeper meaning behind dinner:...more

What Are GMOs Anyway?

While Californians did not pass Prop. 37 (which would've required food companies to label products if they contained genetically modified organisims), the post helpfully explains the basics:...more

An Experiment in Less Stuff in Time for the Holidays

It’s not about living in a small space, but about many things we have. How we let our stuff control us. Getting hooked into believing we need all these material things. Thinking those material things fill us up when all they sometimes do is make us want more, more, more. This is, after all, the American dream, right?...more
@SunbonnetSmart.com Thank you, Subonnet!  If you have a Kindle or ereader you could always ...more

Affordable Eco-Fashion Brands

Tired of searching the Internet for the most affordable, stylish, and truly eco-conscious fashion brands, I decided to create an updated list of my favorites. I wrote a while back about some of my favorite green clothing brands and how to save on them, but there are new great resources popping up all the time! Here is a great place to bookmark as I will be updating it as I learn of anything new!...more
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