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Let's Make a Marianne Heirloom Quilt~~ Entirely by Hand

Marianne of Maui...more

Using Turkeys For a Special Tribute on Thanksgiving

Living outside of the U.S. and having married an Italian, I work extra hard to keep up American traditions that are important to me. Thanksgiving remains one of my favorite holidays, even if it is just a regular work and school day for everyone else wherever we are. Part of that tradition is, of course, practicing gratitude. But I found that asking my children to reflect on something for which they were grateful resulted in bland choruses of "I am thankful for my family." ...more

Stamp It Up, NaBloPoMo Day 16

 Funny the things you find when you unpack.I've had some boxes which had been packed when Ileft Buffalo five years ago that I am finally unpacking....more

Fabric Fanatic, NaBloPoMo Day 15

"Fabric Fanatic"...more

i painted like this

Another afternoon of watercolor with my sister, in preparation for the babe. I was not on my watercolor game. Those bears aren't the worst of it. I said to Hope, "I painted like this so our girl knows that nobody's perfect, not even her mom."...more

Long Live the Library

A quick post to show off a picture of our children's craft time at the library last summer, during one of the workshops for the Summer Reading Program. I cannot say enough about how much we enjoy going to the library, getting books and doing crafts throughout the year, not just during the summer....more
It's one of my absolute favorite places. We use our library for borrowing books, movies, and now ...more

Art with the Kids, Part 1 - Let's Make A Mess!

Lately I feel like making messes. Well, art messes, that is. Maybe it's because life has moved inside a bit from the intense outside living we do in the summer. I do miss that summer life when the season starts to change but....I get really excited about doing more inside art with the kids! ...more

Coastal Glitter Starfish Ornament


How to Make DIY Burlap Wall Art for Fall

Time is precious. I divy up my time between the kids, school, the gym, and working from home. I don't have time to spend shopping for the perfect home decor pieces. That's why I love stenciled burlap wall art. I tend to gravitate towards the rustic, country, and farmhouse styles in home decor. Once upon a time, I wanted to grow up to be a manufacturer of dishes and home decor pieces. The name that I chose for my imaginary business was Simply Elegant.   ...more
Cute. When I was a kid, the den walls were covered in burlap.more

How to make Velvet Pumpkins

Pumpkins are synonymous with fall. I love heading out to the country to go pumpkin picking and use heirloom pumpkins in my decor. However, I wanted to create some fall decor I could re-use year after year, without having to buy as many pumpkins....more