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DIY Sea Shells Summer Wreath

Summer has been filled with water fun for my family - going to the beach, swimming in the pool and splashing around at various children's splash parks.  Since we've been going to the beach a lot, we have been bringing home sea shells.  I am a big fan of sea shells, I think they are so pretty and love the different shapes they can come in.  I wanted to use them around the house for decor so I decided to make a wreath for home decor....more

The Best Souvenirs and DIY Postcard Inspiration

My favorite souvenirs aren't mass produced. They're things like a scarf from a street fair or wildflowers from the Rockies....more

Pretty Confetti Bowls!

Pretty Confetti Bowls

An Easy Way to Add a Pop of Colour!

An easy way to add a pop of colour to your room!

String Art Hedgehog

I kind of have a thing for string art, and this cute little hedgehog is so easy to make (stencil included). ...more

Getting Crafty with Cricut {giveaway}


Handmade Tree Stump Side Table

I’ve had this stump for a while now, and it actually started as a rustic side table with modern legs. It was beautiful, but I was ready for a change. And I have to admit, I was pretty curious what the wood looked like under all that bark. If you salvage yourself a tree stump and you own all your own tools, you can actually complete this project and create a stunning piece of furniture for under $30. It’s a pretty incredible transformation, considering the fact that side tables like this sell in stores for over $200!...more
Now that is some country charm! Love it!more

Super Cool! How to Paint Tiger Stripes

How to Paint Tiger Stripesa FiberArtsy TutorialDownload this Free Tutorial...more

Meeting the Girls - Part Three

Meeting the Girls – Part 3My descent into Vintage Sewing Machine AddictionMeeting the Colored Ladies.After acquiring two older black machines with beautiful decals, some of the mid-century machines caught my eye.   Since most sewing machines are either black or white, I found myself drawn to the colored ones.The first one I had to have is a Singer model 185....more

Easy Saturday Science Project: Walking Water

I saw this on Pinterest, and it was just a quick science project we could have going during the day, so we gave it a shot!Walking Water!It’s pretty (ridiculously) easy:  You need 3 cups, 2 paper towels and some food coloring.  The goal is to watch the water “walk” up the paper towels and transfer into the middle cup.caveat: This projects takes forever.  For. Ev. Er.  So, it’s not only a lesson in physics, but also one in patience....more