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DIY Crate Nightstand

After moving to North Carolina (aka paradise!), both my roommate and I arrived with very little to our names and zero furniture. A combination of a new job, excessive pinning, and now living with an designer, my creativity flame has been ignited and has no sign of stopping. I was a project or two in before I started keeping track of what I was doing. What project am I completing now?A crate night stand!My supplies were simple:...more

What to Do With All Those Leftover Pretty Birchbox Boxes

If you're like me and love receiving monthly subscription boxes full of treats (beauty, food, crafts, etc.) then you probably have a stockpile going of leftover boxes that are taking up space....more
Great tip -- I have tonnes of Birchbox boxes... using them for storage right now but they ...more



A Natural High

Yes, some of it is green and leafy, but it's not that! ...more

DIY Jewerly Tray

Sparkling Char I love making Jewerly Trays, they come in all colors and very simple to make.I've made several has gifts. and every one that received this has a gift was so excited, so I decided to make one for myself.All items were purchased at the dollar store and at Michael's Craft Store.  ...more

Bless This Home: Do-It-Yourself Gift Basket

One of our good friends is a real estate agent and after he saw this post, he wanted me to make him a couple of housewarming baskets for some recent homebuyers. What a great gift to give to your clients!...more

How to Make the Perfect DIY Housewarming Gift Basket

You have seen me write about the housewarming baskets I have made for our good friends and the basket I made for ...more

Hollyhocks Fairies

 Hollyhocks are blooming and a wonderful garden craft for (grand)children is to make fairies see how click here ...more

How to Start Organizing Your Memory Keeping Supplies

There are so many  ways to be a memory keeper. I happen to enjoy scrapbooking. As a scrapbooker, I enjoy pairing photos with words using pretty paper and embellishments. The physical process of rifling through my stash of goodies is probably one of my favorite parts of being a creative. The only time it's hard, is when I've been over-consuming rather than creating and the process can go from fun to overwhelming....more

Hot Day, Cool DIY Craft: How to Make an Upcycled T-shirt Yarn Plant Hanger

Old t-shirts: Everyone has some. Around my house a lot of said old T-shirts are tie-dyed. Not a Grateful Dead fan in sight, yet we have a lot of tie-dye. ...more
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