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How to make Velvet Pumpkins

Pumpkins are synonymous with fall. I love heading out to the country to go pumpkin picking and use heirloom pumpkins in my decor. However, I wanted to create some fall decor I could re-use year after year, without having to buy as many pumpkins....more

Make a Cheap and Easy Masquerade Mask from Cardboard

Simple, straightforward Halloween costumes can be hard to come by — especially when you start diving into the dark depths of Pinterest. If you're looking to create your own fast and easy costume this holiday, look no further than this awesome DIY masquerade mask.You'll need:...more

What I Did Last Summer

On any given year, this could have been a very short post... two lines, maybe three. However, the same cannot be said for this past Summer, because I actually did something. It was totally unplanned....more

Use Stencils to Make Nautical Wood Decor

Another bathroom project done! So exciting! Only three more to go, but we can ignore those for now. I’ve been planning this project for a while now, and just finally got around to making it. It’s actually quite simple, but life happens. Now our bathroom has some rustic artwork which I adore....more

Thanksgiving Table Settings

We have a lot to be thankful for this year--a new baby, home, family, friends, and Andrew qualifying for the Boston marathon. Thanksgiving can easily get skipped over for Christmas. I think I saw quite a few Christmas decorations out in the stores even before Halloween....more

Review: Vellostar Liquid Chalk Markers

I love to do artsy-crafty things. I cannot say that I am really good at it. I could never, for instance, open an Etsy shop or something. (Although I did try once... only one person bought something from me!) But I just love the feeling of using bright colors and experimenting with different mediums... crayons, pencils, pens, gel pens, different kinds of paints, markers, oil pastels, etc.  ...more

How to Create the Perfect Fall Hostess Gift

If you're looking for a cute hostess gift to bring to Thanksgiving dinner or a fun party, we’ve got you covered! These adorable DIY pumpkin flower arrangements are the perfect fall hostess gift, incorporating the number one fall essential (a pumpkin, of course!) and seasonal flowers! ...more
Akaleistar Thank you!!more

Bullet Journal, how I love thee… let me count the ways…

I've been keeping a journal, in one form or another, for pretty much my entire adult, and even back into my adolescent, life. I think I first started in Jr. High when I was first exposed to school timetables for classes. Then, in high school, the idea of keeping an agenda was introduced to me, to keep track of classes, homework, tests, etc. I loved keeping track of all the different pieces of my life....more

November Notes, Day 5

"The Joy of Painting" I have tonight off of work because I was supposed to go to a painting class.It was cancelled.I am very bummed. I've been doing classes at the local gallery for over a year now....more

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