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Rainbow Cards

Rainbows are a universal sign of happiness. (Don't even get me started on double rainbows!) Why not give them away to people you love - or random strangers for that matter? An easy way to do that is to make a batch of these happy little greeting cards by paper artist, Dana Grothaus.From Dana:"I've been seeing a lot of rainbow cards lately and thought I would give it a try."...more
This is super cute!more

Knotty Flip Flops Tutorial

Summer has settled in, which means flip flops are part of daily life. But that doesn't mean they have to be cheesy or cheap. Destri from The Mother Huddle took a knife to boring rubber soles and gave them a material makeover.Destri says:...more
I used to do this when my girls were little. Flip flops matched every outfit.more

Draw a monster today

It's hot! It's stormy! Perfect time to draw a monster.  I call it monster therapy. Gather a bunch of markers or crayons and some paper--any size. Even small Post-It Notes work great. ...more

Christmas in July

Yep...I said it...the "C" word.  Christmas.  Have you started planning yet? I'm giving it my best effort.  But it's hard to picture Christmas presents when it's 105 degrees outside!!  I usually try to give my girlfriends handmade gifts.  Looking around my sewing room yesterday, I was completely devoid of inspiration.  I haven't the faintest idea where to begin, what to make, or even what general direction. ...more
Go to my page on blogher. I have 3 pages of easy gifts.more

Tug & Pull Party Invites

These have to be the most adorable party invites I've seen in a while! Wooden spools, stamped details safely wrapped around, covered with brightly colored yarn. So cute and clever, thanks to Casey Baudoin. Check out her blog and Etsy shop for even more paper joy.Casey says:...more

What I do while I am waiting for the new people to show up...

I make stuff for my house :) I have fixed everything around the castle. The last think left is to fix a couple of broken windows I have, which William and I will do while he is here on Wednesday :) So to keep myself amused I made this totally adorable hanger for my bathroom (it will be awesome whichever house I am in!!) I absolutely LOVE how it turned out... ...more

Why Didn't I Think of That?: DIY Pillow Forms

One of my favorite craft projects is making pillows. I devote all my energy to the elaborate outer casing, that I forget about the actual pillow form. Even with store coupons, the forms can be a tad spendy. Amy Bell from Positively Splendid found an excellent, cost-efficent solution: Slice up a body pillow!Amy says:...more
That's so cool! I like the idea of reusing the fabric for your forms. I just pulled the batting ...more

Stylish Shoe Upgrade

OK, full disclosure here - the chica who made these fabulous shoes is my co-worker. Her name is Lauren and she is a product developer by day, but she can also throw down when it comes to serious crafting. She took a set of fabric markers and dimensional paint and went to town on this pair of suede heels. Can you say gorgeous? I had to share them, if anything to inspire you to use new eyes when shopping. Everything is a canvas for self-expression!...more

Beautiful Lopi Sweaters

I have decided to start my own collection of lopi sweater photos, inspired by this wonderful collectionby my friend Matthildur Helgadóttir Jónudóttir.Since I live a fairly secluded life, the collection is not likely to grow very fast, but that does not really matter....more

Capture Your Family Stories and Recipes Before They are Gone Forever

Does your Yiayia make the best baklava this side of the Atlantic Ocean? How about Tia Lupe’s enchiladas?  Are they The.Best.Enchiladas.Ever? At family get-togethers there are usually a few dishes that everyone looks forward to eating.  Many of the recipes for these dishes are not written down, have been passed down generations, and are made from memory. As our relatives age and pass on, so do the recipes for our favorite dishes. ...more

This is the perfect idea for my family! My aunts each have their own special flavor and dishes ...more