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Beautiful Lopi Sweaters

I have decided to start my own collection of lopi sweater photos, inspired by this wonderful collectionby my friend Matthildur Helgadóttir Jónudóttir.Since I live a fairly secluded life, the collection is not likely to grow very fast, but that does not really matter....more

Capture Your Family Stories and Recipes Before They are Gone Forever

Does your Yiayia make the best baklava this side of the Atlantic Ocean? How about Tia Lupe’s enchiladas?  Are they The.Best.Enchiladas.Ever? At family get-togethers there are usually a few dishes that everyone looks forward to eating.  Many of the recipes for these dishes are not written down, have been passed down generations, and are made from memory. As our relatives age and pass on, so do the recipes for our favorite dishes. ...more

This is the perfect idea for my family! My aunts each have their own special flavor and dishes ...more

Summer Craft: Tropical Fish Plate Art

Amanda Formaro a contributor at found a colorful way to teach her kiddies about the different types of tropical fish - by painting paper plates. If you're in need of a creative time-passer for your little ones, this is a great project to keep them busy. The end result is so happy...just keep swimming!Amanda says:...more

Sweet inspiration

Isn’t it amazing what you can find on the web?? I checked out a link from a friend’s blog, which led to 20 minutes of perusing a ton of fab do-it-yourself crafty wonders. These people are amazing, I tell you!! I’m the type of person who can take a look at someone’s creation and duplicate it with virtually no instruction. If I have the time and something to base my inspiration on, I can come up with some pretty creative things myself....more

Save That Jar: Here are 50 Ways to Reuse It!

Glass jars are a classic way to add character to any room. From housing tealights to sorting pencils and pens, their uses are never ending. Stephanie Lynn put some heavy thought into that concept and came up with 50 creative ways to use them.This is one example - make enclosed shadow boxes!Stephanie explains:...more
I lurv jars. I organize everything with them! Nice to see someone else with the same passion.more

Your Soul Needs Juice!

Thanks. I needed that poster1more

Man alive. Welcome to the dodgy jumper club

Last weekend I was visiting my cousin Jane and cooing over her five-week-old baby, Mitchell, when she asked if I wanted to see all the lovely baby things that she had been given. ...more

Goddess of Nature

I am a goddess made ​​using natural materials...more

My Mothers Lopi Sweater


Adventures in Papercutting

Paper cutting is one of my relaxation crafts, it's slow, soothing and allows your mind to chill in a happy place. Patricia Zapata from A Little Hut lives in that world and creates stunning pieces of art that she incorporates into her home decor. Visit her site to see this project, as well as many others - all celebrating scissors and paper!This lantern project was inspired by the movie Cars 2. Patricia says:...more