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DK Designs-Creating Beauty Invites You

Hi everyone, I am brand new to blogging and this community of'd like to invite you to visit my site. Have a beautiful day! dk designs...more

Make a Grapevine Tree

You can find grapevines in your backyard, a neighbors or plots of land. Turn a tomato cage over. Gather the rods that push into the ground together and gather tightly with a wire. This is the top of your tree. Gather the vines, pull all leaves off and put the vines into a large container of water. They are easier to work with when they are wet....more

Quirky & Curious Modern Decoupage Kitchen Storage Bin

   I got tired of hunting for the right kitchen bin for my dish towels (and I'm not big on baskets). So I made one that I think fits the bill: quirky, great colors, functional. You can check out how I made this at Mixology Crafts....more

Bedtime Potpourri

3 c lavender 3 c bergamot flowers and leaves 3 c peppermint 3 c lemon verbena leaves 1/2 c lemon peels 1 c mixed cinnamon, nutmeg and/or cloves 1/2 c salt (the salt is the fixative in this recipe) 20 drops lavender essential oil All ingredients must be dried. Two days before you make your mix, combine salt and lavender oil in a closed jar. Mix and shake daily. After two days, combine and place in a bowl by your bed. ...more

HOW TO: Graffiti-Style Paper Cut Portraits

This is a piece I did for my husband Patrick's papercutting class and thought I'd share it here too. I have to admit, I am really digging this papercutting process. I'm going to do more. Portraits! It's so relaxing and the results are beyond satisfying! Here are directions - but there is also a tutorial video at the end of this post!Supplies:cutting matknifemarker...more

DIY Tile Coasters

Sometimes making gifts means a whole lot more than buying them. I know I enjoy making gifts & love receiving little homemade lovelies! Earlier this month, I celebrated three birthdays for three lovely ladies in life. My Mother, a best friend & my amazing boss! For my boss & best friend, I made some pretty picture and cracked glass coasters. These are so simple to make & you can personalize them!...more

Micro Craft: TP-Roll Paper Vignettes

The art of papercutting has so many possibilities. From papel picado (Mexican paper cutting) to silhouettes, there are many technqiues to try. I love this concept by artist Anastassia Elias. She takes the knife and paper partnership to a whole new level. This is a vignette created inside a toilet tissue roll! Click the link below to see more of her amazing work.CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REST OF THIS POST...more
These are amazing... looks fun to try!more

Some Ideas for a Gift Basket

In a basket, add a cookie sheet, Betty Crocker cookie mixes, measuring spoons, cups, a rubber spatula, over mitts, pot holders, a muffin pan and mixes, dish towels, dish cloths or an oven timer. Whatever you do, whatever you can afford. Make a basket with a bottle of dish soap, a spray cleaner, brillo pads, windex, paper towels, dish towels and cloths or sponges....more
Someone just had a baby or recovering an illness, or depression? A C.D. of soothing ...more

DIY: Makeup Magnet Board

[Editor's note: Now this is a fabulous and smart idea! One big framed magnet board filled with makeup! It's a great way to save space, time - and add some flair to your decor. - Kathy]...more
@Lindserella Thanks! Glad you like it :)more

Inspiration: Handmade Vintage and Antique Inspired Jewlery

So a couple weeks ago, Fragments went to the Columbus Market Days. Being the very first of said "Days", it was less than exciting....more