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Papercraft Celebrates Retro Photo Cameras

hese 100% recyclable retro cameras are for keeps. Each device is cut by hand utilizing sustainable paper, and even the smallest “waste” scraps are re-used to form some of the smallest detailed components....more

Point-and-Click Tips: Taking the Red Eye Glow Out Of the Picture

Red eyes (red glow in pupils) in photos is a common phenomenon when taking pictures of people or animals using a flash. Some cameras support a "red eye reduction" mode.  In this mode the camera fires the flash a few times before taking the photo. Although this helps reducing the red-eye effect, it can also result in photos of people with their eyes closed (as they blink when blinded by the pre-flash)....more

Recycled Wine Bottle Lamp

[Editor's note: It's nice to see two people unite their crafty superpowers to create something fun and functional. This glass-etched wine bottle has a lot of character thanks to the LED twist. The illumination is beautiful! - Kathy]This weekend Jared and I completed a project combining a couple of our new hobbies. I recently experimented with some glass etching, and Jared has been tinkering with LEDs and electronics for the past year. Our first joint project was a wine bottle lamp. ...more

The second lamp we made can be seen here:

Robot and Alien Jewelry

That's some gorgeous jewelry and a really well written post.

~Launie   ...more

Point-and-Click Tips: Avoiding Overexposure and Underexposure When Taking Pictures Outdoors

Although digital point and shoot cameras are generally automated to measure the amount of light in an environment and apply the proper settings to take a good picture, the camera often makes an exposure decision that is incorrect due to complicated scene conditions. Most of the time, when a shot is underexposed, the details in the shadows can be recovered in Photoshop, while you can't fix a photo if the details are not there as the result of overexposure....more

Chunky Felt Scrap Garland

I'm a sucker when it comes to saving leftovers - especially fabric. Tally from I Could Make That came up with an easy solution for us scrap hoarders.Simply stitch all those snippets together into long, long, long strips of garland. You can hang them in a kid's room, or on the patio, at a party or around a tree trunk - or on a Christmas tree during the holidays. I think it would be cool to mix in some minilights as well...Tally says:...more
Wow this is really cool. Thanks :)more

Fun Summer Red, White and Blue Printable Pinwheels That Work

Head over to the Crafty Modern blog to print out and make these super cute -- and working-- pinwheels! Happy 4th of July.Felicity ...more

I am a Person Who Makes Stuff

I decided recently that I am a Person who Makes Stuff. And so I set out yesterday to make a sleeve for my new ereader. I wanted it to be pink and brown. I wanted two coordinating prints. I wanted a pocket. And a flap. And a button.And then it dawned on me...this was step one in my journey towards being a radical housewife! This was a feminist pursuit! I was reclaiming so-called "woman's work" and using it as an outlet to express myself: creative, original, anti-consumerist, self-sufficient, eco-friendly....more

DIY Handmade Tea Soap

Tea and soap. They are two of my favorite things. Combine them and what you've got is something amazing! I, myself, have made several tea scented soaps over the years....more

A Most Romantic Bed! (Part II of Home Made Pallet Furniture and More)

Visit my blog at to view photos of home made pallet furniture and the most romantic bed ever! All hand made by my son, USMC Corporal S. Jeremy Nieves. I love that he has carried on the familial creative knack!The pieces are pretty amazing and I do hope they inspire you to create!Feel free to leave a comment ;)....more
l want to jump in that bed!! Your blog rocks- you are an inspiration. more