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Handmade DIY Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

If you're like my mother, you're up at 3am the night before Christmas wrapping gifts. But just because you wrap at the last minute - hey, we women do a lot! - it doesn't mean your gifts can't look their best....more

Cute Holiday Printable Gift Tags or Sticker Set

Today I've been wrapping Christmas gifts for my family. This year, since I was on a tight budget, I didn't spend any extra money buying wrapping paper or tags. Instead I recycled old boxes and brown paper craft bags for wrapping paper....more
That is one cute lookin package!more

Holiday Gift Swap

Remember the holiday gift swap I was a part of with Freshlly Picked and Ardor...Well, I've gotten all my goodies!! Yay! Lovely! ...more

A toy nativity

I have this beautiful Nativity Scene that I put out every year...and,  of course, every year it attracts little hands.   ...more

Fun with air dry clay

So, this is the last weekend before Christmas!! Eek!  If you are anything like me, you probably still have a ton of things to do and a few more Christmas gifts to get...ot maybe, make.Every year we try to make some little holiday craft to give to our family members.  One year it was to be snow globes, but you heard how that went......more
I love these! They are very cute!more

Holiday Card Clothes Line!

I don’t know about you but my husband and I hate when our refrigerator gets cluttered with all sorts of junk; coup...more

Reusing Holiday Cards and Paper

For a church activity this week I was asked to teach how to use old Christmas cards to make a fan... but I I didn't love it, so I googled for other recycling ideas of old Christmas cards and compiled a great list that I would like to share with everyone, because recycling and reusing items is both frugal and a great way to beautify your home for free or cheap!...more
@magpie Sorry! Yes, I did! I guess I thought it was just too obvious, but it is also one of ...more

Sweet Printable Vintage Santa Pillow Box

Hello Friends! Hope you are having a nice Monday. I created a little Christmas DIY gift for you. Just click on this PDF link to download my Vintage Santa pillow box printable. The . vintage themed gift box is designed by me for the holidays. ...more We are not getting old - we just have good taste in Santa's ;)more

O (Splendid) Christmas Tree

(The backstory can be found at I blame it on the tree. Of course, I caved....more


My sister Cher has 8 grandchildren. She buys each one a pair of pajamas and a Disney movie. She has a sleep over with them, where they wear the p.j.'s, take turns watching the movies and having hot chocolate and cookies. They throw a bunch of blankets on the floor and enjoy their tradition.Put pretty throw pillows on your bed, decorate a small tree, hang a wreath on your bedroom door, hang a fabric star on the bedpost or add a garland of pip berries, complete with lights, to the headboard of your bed. Make sachets out of Christmas fabric and hang them on the garland....more
These are all wonderful and very useful ideas, Reda. Thank you! I'd like to wish you and ...more