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 The automobile, the aeroplane, Are useful gadgets, but profane: The enginry of which I dream Is moved by water or by steam....more
i googled it. strange. i'm in for next halloween. :)more

HOW TO: Permanently Glitter a Denim Jacket

My daughter, Maya, has a fun tutorial on how to glitter a denim jacket - pernamently!CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL TUTORIAL!...more
I love that jacket! It brings back memories - my sister made me one similar when I was in high ...more

Make Lotion Bars for Yourself and for Gifts

1 part carrier oilCarrier oil "carrries" all ingredients to your skin. Sweet Almond is very rich in moisturizer. Jojoba or Vitamin E oil can be used. Start with a small amount....2 Tablespoons. Each item is 1 part, so use 2 T per item...we are learning and having fun1 part (2 T) beeswax.It's easier to use beeswax pellets1 part shea butter (2 T)Shea butter comes in raw form, much like lard or thick peanut butter...more
What an awesome idea, and I love that you are sharing a recipe for it. In truth, I've always ...more

Upcycled Drift Wood Bottles

Hello friends.....more

Beer Pong

Costume, that is.Yes. Giant red solo cups as a costume. Wanna know how it's done?Here ya go!Step 1: Gather necessary supplies...more
@JennaHatfield  @Karen Ballum  Thanks so much!  I had a lot of fun with this.  Can't wait to ...more

Paper Boats. A Tutorial.

You know those maps that you have at home, filling up boxes in the garage or the attic, or maybe they're scattered around the house amidst your books and magazines? Well it's time. Time to do something with them. If you're not going to throw them away because one day you 'might go there again' and your GPS might fail and your phone not work, then at least do something nice with them! Repurpose them....more
@victorias_view Thanks Victoria, you were my first commenter :D Made my day! Have fun!more

My Memories Giveaway

My Memories contacted me the other day and generously offered me a copy (download) of their My Memories Suite. On my blog I show you something I created.. it was a quick throw together but I wanted to show you all something I had done so that you could get an idea of what they have to offer. But then I fell (that's a whole other blog post, trust me) so I was just playing around with my most recent set of pictures. ...more

Halloween By The Book

There she is -- Little M's first pumpkin. Not that he really helped out much. I was in charge of design, Brian did most of the labor, and Little M supervised. He absolutely refused to put his hands anywhere near those nasty pumpkin guts. Maybe next year....more

Happiness in an Envelope.

Just! In case you haven't, perhaps, noticed it yet, IT'S MONDAY! Do I hear whoot whoots and hip hip hooray's?! Well, lighten up, the sun's out in Abbotsford today! Not only that but I have embarked on a new project. A few days ago I was going through my favorite's list on StumbleUpon (if you don't have a Stumbler account Go. Get. One.! N.o.w.!!), and I came across the 52 Projects list. More specifically, project #29....more

Halloween Candy Wreath

My husband and I have a 3.5-year-old mini-Aussie named Rocky who loves to howl and bark at anyone who knocks on the door or rings the doorbell. This makes Halloween the worst night of the year for us.Example of how a guest is greeted on a normal night at our house:...more
Love this! A fantastic idea!more