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Homemade Tombstones...

We have never been into scary Halloween decor... we usually put out fall decorations and carve pumpkins. I carve eyes into little white pumpkins to make spooks and hide them under bushes and such. But this year I thought of something more Halloween-y that totally suits us!My neighbor cut them for us out of plywood we already had. I sprayed them with granite spraypaint, used a stencil for the letters and then sprayed them with a clear coat. They have already weathered one rainstorm....more

Makeover: Goodwill Headboard Updated

For those of you who follow me (if you don't, go ahead and start) you know that I picked up this headboard at Goodwill (as mentioned here) for $14.99 (well, less actually, due to discounts). ...more
That looks great!more

The making of a costume

Step 1 - Ask child what he wants to be for Halloween.Step 2 - Hold your breath in anticipation of child coming up with something really hard to assemble.[I made a mistake in my earlier post, this year he wants to be a knight in shining armour, skeleton, bird. Yes, all three because that's how he rolls.]Step 3 - Ponder for a moment & wait for the light bulb moment - aha!...more

A Last Minute Cold Frame

I'm not a particularly handy person, which is probably why I was standing outside in my garden mid-October wondering what to do about a cold frame for my little raised bed of greens....more

Homemade Halloween: Spooky Party Foods and DIY Decorations

ZisBoomBah Editor's Pick: I am sharing these super creative tips with you, written by ZisBoomBah food writer Becky Milanski...I was working in my lab, late one night.When my eyes beheld an eerie sight…— “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett...more

It's So Etsy: "Let It Snow" Embroidery Wall Decor

We are expecting a big snowstorm this week and it is not even Halloween yet. So when I saw this cute embroidered "Let It Snow" wall decor by Danielle on Etsy I had to share it with you. ...more I know the feeling! It's a miracle we haven't had snow yet :)more

Dia de los Muertos Week!

Looking for cool Dia de los Muertos things to do this week?...more

Native American Art Wedding Cake

When my dad and his sweetheart announced they were getting married, I was thrilled! They both love Native American art, specifically Haida and Tlingit or Northwest coastal art. Instead of having them order any gluten-free cake for my sister and me, I offered to bring a gluten-free cake. ...more
@victorias_view Thanks! I love doing these special cakes and this one was a particular pleasure ...more

Old School or Sports Sweatshirts

We pay big money for sweatshirts or tee shirts with our children's school logo on them...or a team that our husband or children follow.When the shirts get too small, we usually give them away. Instead, cut a big square, with  the entire logo in it and make them a throw pillow. If there is a pocket, include it in the pillow. Use the back of the shirt for the back of the pillow. If using a tee shirt, cut the logo and sew that to a square of fleece and proceed....more

Paper Flowers

I saw a simple tutorial for paper flowers via Pintrest and decided to give it a try. The best thing about this project was that there was no measuring or folding required. Simply cut out irregular and haphazard circles and then roll. Plus, I had all of the supplies already on hand. Instead of a vase, I put the flowers in a reusable coffee mug since Erin has a love for warm beverages....more