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mini tin purses

When my daughter was about nine or ten she loved Altoid mints. This idea for purses made from the tins were a perfect project for her. She found instructions for these tiny tin purses in her American Girl Magazine and was smitten with them. These take me back to the days when my daughter had a short(er) attention span. Back to a time before a good book, an iPod, YouTube, or GoogleMaps, kept her engaged. Crafts that could be created in an hour or two, at the most, were ideal. We created these on a quiet vacation many summers ago. ...more
What a great idea! I absolutely love this :)more

Five Days of Giveaways!

It's gonna be a great five days!  From January 1-5 you can visit the blog and leave a comment for a chance to win some fabulous stuff!  Come on over and see today's preview post. ...more
What a lovely blog full of amazing work! I'm glad I stumbled upon your page in my browsing =D ...more

Button Trees :: Christmas Craft for the Kids

Buttons are all the rage right now (if Pinterest hasn't lead me astray). And we are in search of fun, attractive and affordable kid-friendly Christmas crafts for giving to family and friends. I have been mulling over two crafts: {{THIS}} button wreath by Martha Stewart and {{THIS}} sweet felt tree. ...more

The Family Tree (Skirt)

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home This is another Christmas idea I got years ago, and again I quote Family Fun as my maybe source.It is our tree skirt for our Christmas tree.I don't have the instructions for it, but it was pretty easy no-sew project. You just cut out a tree skirt shape out of any heavy fabric you like (I used a green velvety-type). It's basically a great big donut with a slit cut from edge to center....more

Sewing and Embroidery

Today I am going to learn to sew and embroidery I hope to make one item per day until I master this craft...more

Guest Post - Beginner Crafting Fairy Wands

Looking for a fun, easy craft to make with the kiddies? These little fairy wands are no sew, and very easy to make!...more

Win a Kindle Fire and Get Holiday Photos Cards/ Party Favors at an Amazing Price!

How many times have you been told "Buy this and get this... " and then there is a huge survey (that gets you nothing and steals all your info) or you do it and it's a 2 percent chance you get the prize. In the case of (which is celebrating 20 years of being in business and is woman owned), it is totally different! Not only was I able to get an amazing deal on my Holiday Photo Cards, but I bought through Facebook to enter to win a Kindle Fire! (there is also a sale: ‎$45 for $75 of Invitations + 25% off Holiday Photo Cards)...more

Santa in a Glass House....the Story......

Santa in a Glass House! I'm in a mood to decorate. It will be the second year in a row that I have had my tree up after many years without one- and the other day, I had this idea. I saw this large glass jar in my local antique shop, and it was really reasonable. So I bought it with the idea that I would make a terrarium of it eventually, but here locally, the plant selection for such a project is....well, basically non-existant....more

what i've been doing instead of cooking

Where have I been? ...more

Reverse Advent Calendar: Building a tradition, one day at a time. Day 5

Today's piece of the story centers around Joseph's dream, and the angel's telling of what Mary's child will do for mankind....more