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Painting a double portrait

I've not painted many double portraits, but this vlog shows the making of my most recent one. If you want to see the other double portraits again, go here, here, and here....more

Tutorial: Make Your Own Natural Beeswax Wood Polish

Beeswax polish is a wonderful, all natural way to preserve and protect your wooden treasures, toys and trinkets (furniture, too!).  Here's how to make your own! This is the finish we use on our wooden toys at BTRT....more
Great, its really helpful. It is natural and safe for little hands. Add it provides a ...more

DIY Summer parties.

Summer is the perfect time for a party. And after finding all sorts of amazing party themed eye candy recently, I figured I'd combine a few of the party ideas I found into a blog post to share with you! My birthday is in June, and if I was still brave enough to host my own garden party, these are a few of the things I'd enjoy at my get together....more

My Favorite Things Treasury

I made my first greeting cards! link above is to my first greeting card I just made.  I used three of my artworks for the cards which are blank inside.  The Dryad card had a little slip up with the ink at the top but the rest came out great.  I think this looks pretty cool for first time creating these! ...more

All Things Under the Sea Colwell mixed media  part of mermaid treasury...more

I'm Never Gonna Dance Again

Crafting With Kids For Earth Day

I was trying to come up with Earth centered ideas to keep my 3 kids (7,3 and 1) entertained and educated on Earth Day. Among other things, I decided to have a morning of crafts.  The catch is that I want to make crafts that only use things I have or recycled materials....more

A Personal Present

For almost every special occasion, holiday, or birthday, my kids and I like to go the "homemade" route.  It means more to the recipient and they're darn cute!  Homemade cards, fingerpaintings, crafts all make their way into the hands of friends and family as a way to say I love you.  And our very favorite way to spread our love is by painting pottery at Tip Top Pottery in White River Junction.   I've spent a lot of time and energy at Tip Top, and when the time ...more

A Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Guess what?! I've decided to have my very first giveaway on this blog in honor of going over 100 followers! =) I'm very excited!!  The giveaway items are: 1 bar of my Lavender Soap, and 1 tin of my organic Lavender and Citrus Hand and Body cream!...more