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Happy President's Day- GIVEAWAY!

I was planning on holding off till March to do another giveaway, but thought I would throw this one in, in addition to the one I am having for March.  Last week I won this pretty camera strap cover by Ruthanne from Eclectic Whatnot. ...more

Serious Moonlight

Oh, did you see that moon last night? As it slipped out from behind the Sangre de Cristo Mountains here in Taos, it took my breath away, and then, of course, inspired some killer earrings. ...more

Thank you! :o)

Life is a trail, not a ...more

I Love Handmade Contest

Don't you just love handmade products? I know I do. Everything from clothing to pottery to jewelry to makeup! Not everyone realizes just how great handmade can be though. So to help spread around the fabulousness of handmade goods, I'm having a contest!...more

Restrictions to spur creativity

  I have a lot of emotional baggage wrapped up in crafting.  Maybe you do, too.   ...more

Why Should I Make My Own Valentine?

Making your own Valentine, no matter what age, is an easy and fun February craft.  As an adult, I have always made a Valentine's card for my sweetheart. It is a nice excuse to be creative, and express myself visually and verbally. Not to mention, why give Hallmark my five dollars! ...more

Stick with the best. A guide to dealing with upholstery shops.

Looking for a good upholsterer is like shopping for insurance. You want the cheapest price obviously. But you want a quality product and a company that will stand behind it. But the cheapest upholsterer is not always going to fall into the latter categories. So, you pay a little more to get the service and quality you deserve.  But beware of LARGE upholstery shops.  They have more bills to pay and therefore the cost of the work is higher.  Get estimates first....more

Spring Things

I would like spring to come back soon please. People in colder states/areas probably think I'm hilarious for this, since winter here is so incredibly mild, but I'm tired of being chilly and of everything being vaguely greenish-brown, short days and weak sunlight. It's pretty much time for green to come back, real green. For the kudzu to wake up and start moving, like some massive mindless predator, to cover everything in its path. ...more

Spring is coming

It's time to make some colorful jewelry for spring and summer. I love to make romantic jewelry, using soft colors, pearls, flowers and crystals, and it must be afffordable for everyone....more

Lovely necklace!more

(INTERVIEW) Erin Bried, Author of "How to Build a Fire"

For scrappy upcyclers and would-be renaissance women alike, Erin Bried's DIY book, How to Sew a Button and Other Nifty Things Your Grandmother Knew, serves as a savvy guide to financially savvy, self-sufficient, and sustainable living. But why would a girl stop at just learning just what her grandma knows when she can pick up her grandpa's hard-learned lessons too? Thus, How to Sew a Button got a sequel of sorts: How to Build a Fire and Other Handy Things your Grandfather Knew, a more boyish set of DIY tips for the well-rounded modern man -- or woman! ...more