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DIY Toys... Secret Mommy Moment on EMM

Kimberly... is the mother of two gorgeous boys and the wife of a wonderful man. She is fluent in cloth diapering, homemade baby food, baby wearing, natural parenting, having fun, getting messy, playing games, drinking coffee....more

Easter Thumbprint Art

With all my craft catastrophes lately, you may be surprised to hear that this morning I hosted a get-together for my friends and our kids with the sole purpose of creating spring crafts.  I just had to get back on the horse and try again; can't let bad craft karma get me d...more

Fabric is fun, But yardages aren't.

Let me just start by saying that "Railroaded fabric is your friend." That is the way the fabric will be placed on your piece. If the pattern is regular or "up the roll" then you or your upholsterer will have to turn the fabric, to make the pattern face right way up. this causes more waste, and you will have to buy more yardage. ...more

Easter Activities With Your Kids

More Easter activities to do with your kids!  Cute cupcake toppers and printable mini paper Easter baskets.  Click the pic to see more. Angel Street Mom - Sarah

sunnydays peace n love with fibromyalgia in the eye of the storm

A little bohemian, gypsy, pirate, redneck, beach bum, southern bell, etc I have always been a Free Spirit, not a planner. I don't worry about things. Even before I knew about Jesus as my savior, I knew who Jesus was, because I went to Church and Sunday School. But, I did not know the Savior, Saved part until I was 27! I love to be around people & my family. I have never meet a stranger....more

hope your sunny days have continued. I too have fibro...along with migraines and chronic ...more

DIY Tea Cups - For You Cardboard Recycling Geniuses.

  I'll admit I'm not the best blogger in the world. Nor necessarily the best crafter even. I have a problem with craftsmanship. Basically mine sucks and everything I complete still seems just a tad unfinished. Which is why I make soap. No one knows the difference. What I do have a phenomenal knack for though is spotting the awesomeness in other crafters and artists. And to prove it, I present these flippin' awesome paper mache teacups. ...more

Easter Printables!

Even though it snowed about 7 or 8 inches here the last two days, I'm determined that Spring really is coming...hopefully sooner than later!  I made some Springtime Easter Printables just because I was in the mood.  Hope you enjoy!  Just click the pic to see them all. ...more

Taos Light Works

I've had a new Bright Idea. Literally. You know those Virgin of Guadalupe candles you can get at the grocery store? I like them so much, I always have at least one around, and when we were trailer-traveling, we used an empty one as a night light, with a rechargeable, battery operated candle inside. They're nice enough, those candles, but they're kind of crummy when you look at them long enough, and they're intended to be disposable, which troubles me....more

Life Changer

It was 4 a.m, I lay quietly in bed, barely able to contain myself. This day had special significance, it was goal setting time. I was hungry with anticipation and quietly rolled down the covers, slipped into my robe and tip toed into the kitchen....more

Felted Wool Finger Puppets

For this project, you will need bowl of hot, slightly soapy water, a bowl of cold soapless water, carded wool, scraps of 100% wool felt, a needle and thread, warm water and warm hands.  As posted previously, carded wool (or “wool roving”) can be purchased at local farms, craft stores o...more