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DIY: How to make a foamcore palm tree party centerpiece.

This tree is made from 3/16" foamcore and is 3 dimensional and looks the same on the front and back. ...more

How to Make Awesome Turquoise or White Pumpkin Decorations

[editors note - You could have an orange pumpkin like everybody else, but why when you could have a turquoise (or white) one instead.  The pumpkin color possibilities are endless with this fun tutorial. - Jen]...more
Love turquoise pumpkin, gonna try this now!!!more

A Marketing Campaign for Craft Show Vendors

The fall craft show season is upon us and if you are planning on applying for a booth, you should plan on being just as prepared in the marketing department as you are in the products department. If you thought all you needed to do was show up with your folding table, handmade goodies and a smile you were wrong. Well not wrong, but maybe not utilizing the show for its full marketing potential like you should....more
Thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us! I just forwarded this particular ...more

A How To Video: Making a Glass Jack O'Lantern

I love decorating for the holidays, but hate spending the money on store bought decorations.  So when a holiday craft comes along that I can re-use in years to come, and costs less than $5....well, that makes me one happy chick! ...more
I love this! What a wonderful idea!more

Your Story...

YOU HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE STORY. I want to write it in silver & gold ♥ Tell your life stories with personalized hand stamped jewelry exquisite sterling silver & gold mothers necklaces sentimental keepsake charms you wear close to your heart ♥ Heirloom Story Jewelry ....more

My Pinterest Obsession Finally Bears Fruit

 Have you heard about Pinterest?Well, you should have. Someone should have told you about the world's coolest website....more

Halloween Crafts: Assemblages

Cheeky Magpie has found a way to perfectly meld Halloween and Steampunk with her darling and dimensional assemblages.   Don’t let the small size fool you, there is a lot of crafty action going on. Halloween AssemblagesAnd this very haunted house begs you to come closer, but only on a full moon. Watch out for the bats!   ...more

DIY Handmade Favor Boxes for Your Seasonal Holiday Gifts and Treats

Favor boxes are loads of fun to make, give and receive! With so many holidays creeping up between now and the end the year, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite handmade diy favor boxes that can be crafted for any seasonal party. Just use the templates and alter your card stock paper colors and patterns to fit whatever seasonal theme you're throwing a party for!...more
these are lovely favor boxes.more

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Unique Gifts You Can Craft

It's hard to believe that Saturday is the first day of October. Not only that but it's bringing some much cooler temps along with it! We're dropping from the high 70s into the low 50s for a Saturday high. So of course it has me dying to pull out my fall wardrobe and get a head start on shopping for the holidays. If you're the crafty sort like me, I'm sure you've already started thinking - or maybe even making - things for your fellow friends and family for gifts and stocking stuffers....more

DIY Glitter Sole Heels

Okay guys, I'm back for round two! I just can't get enough glitter!! If you missed my first post on Glitter Sole Shoes you can find it HERE. This time I used Martha Stewart's White Gold Glitter and let me just tell you these shoes ROCK!...more
When you did the whole bottom of the shoe did it cause the shoe to easily slip on certain surfaces?more