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Dragon for Sale

More of My E-Cards: Free

  More E-cards for Free       ...more

Dress Up a Plain Gift Bag With a Marker!

I bought my friend, Pattie, a housewarming gift and like routine, I went and picked up a gift bag. But Pattie is a hardcore crafty type like me - I couldn't give it to her undecorated! So I worked a little marker magic. Here's the blank bag. I love the brown paper, perfect for drawing on!...more

Punky Pandapunk the Handmade Original bear by Baileys Bruins

 Punky Panda Punk Rock Bear by BaileysBruins on Etsy

Father's Day Printable Cards and Activities

Just posted my new FREE Father's Day printables and activities for kids.  Happy coloring to you and your kids!  Hope you enjoy!  ;)      Angel Street Mom - Sarah Treu...more

WiP Wednesday #4!

Yayy, I'm posting a work-in-progress update and it's still Wednesday!!  Woohoo!   I fell behind when I was sick for a few days (I'm feeling much better, thank you!) and for the past two days I've been trying to play catch-up.  I think I'm just about there finally! I don't have a lot in the way of photographic updates, but I did complete the cross-stitching on block #1 of my embroidered quilt WiP.  That's one block down and 17 left to embroider, before beginning the hand quilting process! ...more

How To: Copper Flower Garden Stakes

Sometimes the garden area needs a bit of TLC, you know? And for those times when your thumb is far from green, decorations certainly come in handy. Artist Linda Peterson found a way to construct impressive copper flowers that are sure to steal the limelight!See what I mean? Que cute! I would totally buy these at the store, and I'm happy to know they are "makeable!"...more

Cupcake Bath Bomb!! YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!

We Etsy sellers are doing a special social media challenge to help one another get our stuff out there. I found this lovely cupcake bath bomb I can't get a pic up here to show but click the link above and check it out. Makes me hungry just looking at it!

Pillow talk: pins, needles and three-dollar rugs

  There’s something about blue stripes. Whether we’re talkin’ ticking, dish towels or pillows, doesn’t matter. I love ’em, especially in summer....more
I love your pillows. great idea.more

Amazing Huichol Art Car

Alright, I know this a man applying beadwork to a car. But you know what? He is practicing the art form of Huichol beadwork embedded in beeswax and he enlisted the help of two families to cover this Volkswagen with wax - and then hand-applied seed beads. He deserves a crafty shout out.The delicate designs cover the bumpers, handles, steering wheel and practically every other piece of the vehicle....more