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The 7 Day Card Challenge

There is something about a handwritten note. It's authentic, understood, and appreciated.For some reason, handwritten notes are always understood in the context they were meant to be understood in, unlike a text or an e-mail, both of which can be misunderstood easily.One of the things I have always done in my business is write hand written cards. I wrote them for every person who ordered or came to a party in the beginning. Now I still do that, but also write cards to team members as they promote or celebrate a new milestone in their business....more

Alisa Burke's Big Scrappy Painting

Alisa Burke is one of those artists who never stops coming up with creative and innovative techniques and ideas. In this post she makes the most of small bits and pieces of leftovers and unites them into one glorious canvas, exploding with color, texture and patterns.Alisa says:...more
I found her blog the other day very inspiring more

I Heart Art

Art streams through my arteries and veins and swims through my synapses.  The smell of paint and darkroom chemicals have claimed their permanent spot in my ol’ olfactories, and the sound of nails being hammered through canvas into a wood stretcher are locked into my auditory system.  From a young age, art has been a fixture in my life....more

What a treat - artisan soaps all the way from France!

The other day I had the treat of getting in contact with a Welsh woman who is a certified aromatherapist.  It turns out that she has been creating her own natural products for the past 25 years and, after relocating to France, she has now opened up her own shop selling her natural homemade soaps and cosmetics.  The shop is in Bergerac, France (looks like a picturesque little village!) and it's online, too!...more

Ribbon Zipper Pouch

What happens when you combine personality ribbon with an ordinary zipper? Jessica Jones from How About Orange can tell you. Her mom made this adorable zipper coin purse!This is what her mom had to say about going so far as to line it:"Not only does the lining give a more finished look, but it also adds to the stability of the pouch."...more
This is too cute! more

Neepum Creations

So many things are happening!The feel of fall is in the air. At least it is to me at 3 in the morning, when I'm attending to my son and shivering from the cooler temperature outside. Regardless, I am in love with all things Autumn, and as such have started my fall line of delicious candles.Mulled Cider, Balsam Fir, Cranberry, Cinnamon, even Maple Pecan.(The smell is mouthwatering) The pumpkin spice has a gentle nuance that sneaks through your nostrils and awakens your pallette. My house is literally infused with the upcoming season....more

DIY Kitchen Utensil Holder

With all of the commotion about going to St. Kitts I’ve really had to cut way back on crafts and DIY projects.And it’s driving me crazy!There are so many things I want to buy and create but moving out of the country in four months kind of takes precedence. We will be selling a lot of our stuff and probably won’t be coming back to Montgomery after our two years in St. Kitts are over. So it doesn’t make sense to be doing any projects… you know?...more
I love this my utensil container is not very pretty! I think I found a way to brighten it up:)more

DIY Coffee Filter Lampshade

I've been curious try the coffee filter lampshade project that I've seen out and about. But it was this post by Ashley at Little Miss Momma that made me move it to the top of my crafty to-do list!From Ashley:...more
Thanks for the directions.  I love it.  more

Make Your Own Shower Fizzies

I used to make bath bombs a lot, you know like the kind you can buy at Lush.  And I do take a lot of baths and they are great to give as gifts.  But in the summer I take more showers than baths in general because of the heat.  So it's nice to have something that can be a treat in the shower too.  Shower fizzies are almost identical to bath bombs except that you don't have to use oil (in fact using oil makes your shower floor a bit slippery, so it's really for the best)....more

Easy Gifts to Make 2

You may think it's too early to start making gifts for Christmas, but if you compile the list of what you want to make, you can have the supplies ready, when you do start.Salt Scrubs:Sea saltjarsbaby oilessential oil...more