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Fall leaf activity for kids

Fall has made its arrival and leaves are changing color and swirling around creating that wonderful crunch and smell of the autumnal season. All those leaves can easily be turned into art projects that kids will enjoy - even the wee tots! The best thing about fall leaf projects is that they are never-ending. There are always more leaves to use!...more

Thanks, Denise! My daughter and I had a great time doing this project!


It's so Etsy: Down2Earth handmade jewelry

I have two relatives with birthdays coming up and I'm thinking of buying them each a piece of hand-hammered and hand-stamped jewelry created by Michell Mathis, an Etsy artist and mother of two. The handmade jewelry is available at down2earthjewelry at Etsy....more

Have a child? Become a Fan of the Baby clothing company that raises funds for children’s charities with every sale.

Big Heart Baby Clothing Co. is a new brand of baby and toddler clothing with a twist. 50% of the proceeds from every sale goes to various children’s charities. How thoughtful is that? The more people know about their movement, the more funds they can raise. So please, take a second and become a Fan on Facebook by visiting their page and clicking the “Like” button. Further, you can suggest that your friends do the same....more

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer announces fundraising partnership with Big Heart Baby.

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer, one of the largest childhood cancer non-profits, funds the lifesaving, collaborative research of the Children’s Oncology Group, the largest, cooperative pediatric cancer research organization in the world.  With more than 5,000 physicians, nurses, and other researchers at 230 hospitals in North America and around the world, this group treats 90% of children with cancer....more

Holiday spiced apple cider in a soap!

Introducing my handmade, cold process Hot Toddy Goat Milk and Shea Butter Soap....more

The Handmade Salty Seas Seafarer's Contest

Salt bar soaps are amazingly rejuvenating. The handmade, cold process salt bar soaps from Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen are the perfect soaps for all skin types. Great as facial bars or all over, these bars contains both shea and cocoa butters as well as an abundance of skin loving oils such as Olive and Rice Bran, both known for their moisturizing properties. They also contains sea salt, known for it's healing properties....more

UFO Challenge: Join me and complete at least one unfinished project by Nov. 1

Unfinished craft and decorating projects can weigh heavily on your mind and make you feel guilty about starting something new.  Starting a new project should bring feelings of excitement and anticipation, NOT guilt!  Join me in a UFO challenge and commit to finishing at least one of your UFOs by Nov....more

Simplify your holiday gift giving with handmade gift boxes.

It's never too early to start planning your gift giving for the holiday season. After all, it takes time to find something special for each recipient, and you certainly don't want to give a gift that's going to be returned the next day. But it's not just the gifts that are important. The presentation of your gifts is important as well. And if you're a busy mom - aren't all moms busy? - sometimes you just don't have the time to wrap after the shopping is done....more

Take a hike down the Appalachian Trail.

Fall is the perfect time for hiking and camping out. The weather's great and the bugs are at a minimum. The smell of woodsmoke seems to always put me in a great mood too....more