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Rose and Violet Scented Handmade Shea Butter Soap - A New Scent for Spring!

I just unmolded my new rose and violet scented handmade shea butter soap today. I taught my friend, Leah, how to make soap with this batch. The homemade soap is my newest fragrance for spring, though the name is yet to be determined....more

Cooking your Future - You have all the Ingredients you need

  Cooking is one of my passions and I got caught up watching Top Chef re runs, and it was the New Orleans Soul Food special, so there I was twisting and turning in bed from the mouth watering dishes I wished I could even smelled or even tasted but the frustration was terrible because I could only see what I didn’t have....more

I have in mind a trip to NOLA to go indulge with the best Soul Food - seafood, I can get my ...more

SewHappy Quiltalong 2011

The SewHappy Quiltalong 2011 has just begun. The Febraury blocks are now available to download free online. Come join in the fun. Patterns and instructions will be posted on the 1st of each month until October 1st. You can join in at any time. Visit SewHappy QuiltalongSewHappy.Me...more

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This pendant, a charm for safe travel, by ...more

You set the limits to your success

Your mind set the limits to your success It’s a reality, thoughts materialize. So be careful in how you construct your reality. Don’t allow negative fearful thoughts get in the way of getting what you want; you deserve to achieve your goals like everyone else, you worked hard and it’s time to see the results....more

The limit, is in your mind - success is for grabs!
Get it girl! It's all yours...more

Boxing with Louise Nevelson


Just for fun

I loved to play as a kid.  Many of my fondest memories include the hours upon hours of playing with Barbie and all her glorious accessories.    I had a nice group of friends in my little neighborhood, and over the summer the moms would take turns letting us turn their dens and basements into Barbie Land.  We set up her Townhouse complete with elevator, her jeep, her Corvette, her Fold-In-Fun House (you know, for when she is taking a break from the Townhouse), her kitchen, and, of co...more

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Sewing Day and other Domestic Activities

Yesterday, the darling husband stayed home from work because he was sick.  He thought he had strep and called the doctor.  They were so busy, they just called in some antibiotics and of course, gave the speech about resting and drinking plenty of fluids.  You know the drill...Anyway, his being home unexpectedly was very distracting and I seemed unable to complete my usual tasks in any kind of efficient mannter.  Plus, because he was home, my mom, who lives with us, stayed hidden in her rooms all day, so I felt sorta guilty about that.   I also felt the need to ...more