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Order and Creativity-In-Action

 "My mom doesn't let me paint very much "Those were pretty much the only words I heard. There were others, of course. She had done one of those "what I want to be when I grow up" projects at school and her profession of choice was Artist. ...more

LEGO figure storage

Charlie has gotten into Legos quite a bit these past few months. He switches between NASCAR and Legos on a daily basis. Consequently there is quite a collection of Lego characters in my house. I swear Lego figures and their accessories are worse than Barbie and her accessories!I spent Mother’s Day putzing around the house picking up Charlie’s toys and putting them back in the toy room. I secretly stashed some Hot Wheels away for donation. I am slowly reclaiming the family room!...more
This is awesome.more

Washi Tape and Birthdays

Dani from Daily Mom is my guest and she is sharing WASHI TAPE with us....more

How To Make Paper Pinwheels

Gifts For Grandmom

A fun handmade card for Mother's Day or Father's Day from the kids!...more

10 Budget-Friendly Ideas to Fill Your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are everywhere. This is no surprise since they are an easy way to fill up a blank wall and you can find inexpensive frames at your local home or grocery store. ...more
abrown9929 I'm so glad you enjoyed them! Sometimes they can be so hard to fill:)more

This is a great quilt block pattern for your next quilt!  It's very easy. WHAT YOU'LL NEED:...more

Are you in a hurry to make a quilt?  If you answered YES then this is the project for you!  It's crazy simple and fail free, they always come out cute and make the best gift for anyone of any age!  I made a baby sized quilt 35x26 inches, you can add more squares and make it as big as you want....more

DIY: Crazy Paper Making Parties

I had this crazy idea of having a paper making party…to make our own paper for Mother’s Day cards with glitter and flowers and whatever else we can find.  ...more

How to Make Easy Stitched Desk Caddies for Teacher, Mom, Dad or Grad

Mother's Day and Father’s Day are on the horizon, and let us not forget an end-of-the-year teacher appreciation gift might soon be needed for the junior set. ...more
This is timely for this week as many schools in our area celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. ...more