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How to Make This Easy Needle-Felted Heart Banner for Valentine's Day

Needle felting is one of those crafts that seems really daunting, but is actually very easy. If you can poke something with a needle, you can do needle felting. My first adventure into needle felting was inspired by some wool hearts I had left over from another Valentine's Day project. I just knew I could repurpose them into something new and cute. ...more

Build a Custom Range Hood for $20.

Like most DIYers I'm not going to pay $500 or more for a custom range hood.  I'm also not going to pay $150-$200 for a liner insert even if I built a range hood."But your range hood is... well... HIDEOUS!"  you say. I know, but I don't have that kind of money to throw away on frivolous things like range hoods.  Even if it is U-G-L-Y....more

Say "Candy Hearts!" Valentine’s Day Photo Booth Props

Create your own unique Valentine's Day photo booth artwork! It's the perfect activity for a creative Valentine's Day card for Grandma, a fun crafting party, or those cabin-feverish winter weekends when the kids start going crazy by 10 am....more
It's such a great idea mommikin! Of course we will!!!! #ValentinesDaymore

Tips on encouraging your mini Picasso

Want to encourage your kids to be creative but not sure how? This week art teacher Aki Berry shares her teaching techniques, ways to improve your kids skills and get them to really enjoy making art!Hi! I’m Aki. Before having my kids, I taught art to a bunch of little ones, all different ages from Kindergarten to fifth grade. I had a great time getting to know my students and bonding with them. ...more

Ohio Star Table Runner

It's a new year, so I need a new quilt to work on! I've been looking over patterns trying to decide what my next new challenge will be.  The runners-up are: Ohio star, lone star, and Irish chain. I decided to make a small project with the Ohio star to see how well it pieced and if I wanted to make a lot of them or not. I decided to go with a table runner. because it meant a few squares and a chance to practice my free motion quilting. I'm quite happy with the results....more

Secrets of Successful Stenciling

After I had posted my DIY project of the stenciled Paris hamper last week,...more

Valentine's Day Decorations

As a kid Valentine's Day was a big deal at our house. I remember treasure hunts with clues that lead to a treasure trove of sugary candy if you followed the trail. Around Valentine's Day was also when I brought in treats to school to celebrate my birthday. This was alas due the fact I had a summer birthday that would otherwise go unnoticed during the school year (while the birthday kids during the school year got to be the line-leaders)....more



Hot Cocoa Play-Doh

Easy Valentine's Day Craft-Invisible Ink Watercolors

A while back, I heard about the concept of creating invisible messages by using a white crayon and watercolors, so I decided to give it a try for Valentine's Day.  I loved the idea of writing sweet nothings amidst beautiful, soft romantic, colors.  This turned out to be such a fun and easy craft that I'm definitely going to use it again for other occasions-like Date Night.(Editor's Note:   Be sure to check out my BONUS Date Night idea at the end of this post.)...more