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7 Easy Bookmarks You Can Make

I recently went on vacation and overall we planned rather well. We didn't end up bringing many things we didn't need and we only forgot to pack a couple of minor things. Part of that planning was figuring out how many books to bring, something that BlogHer's Facebook community helped me with. It was a screen-free vacation so I only packed paper books. As I settled into a lounge chair on the first day of our vacation I realized I had made an error. I had not packed a bookmark....more
Zauberbear  I like that idea!more

Winter Sun

While I was on my making things for me kick, I finally squared away an essential piece of my winter wardrobe.  I have what can charitably be called quite a big head.  I also have wavy hair that can tend towards huge and frizzy.  Finally, I am always freezing.  This means that a winter hat is necessary, but always risks making me look terrible and ruining my hair....more

ROAR! Make a Dinosaur Felt Play Mat with DIY Tips and Printable Templates

This Christmas I made several gifts for the little ones in my family. One of the things I made was a felt dinosaur play mat. I kept track of the process so I could share some tips with you, and a PDF set of templates. There are multiple posts for dinosaur play mats out there, but most of the ones with templates are for little ones. I must say mine is nice and big, and the templates make it easy to crank it out. This is how I did my DIY dinosaur felt play mat. ...more
Oooh look! It's meee! I feel all grown up!more

Sharing Two Layouts

It's once again that time when I share with you my latest layout creations. I have actually been really busy lately creating layouts. However, since some of them were for yet unreleased products, I can't show you them just yet. I do have two layout creations that I am excited to share with you today. ...more

Simple elegant packaging

 Sometimes it costs as much to package things as to make them.  I'm always looking for creative ideas that will help save money.   I have learned recycling is the crafter's friend...Behold, thank-you note envelopes!  Perfect for earrings, smaller bracelets, necklaces, and more.  ...more

Valentine's Day Round Up

  Here is my V-day recipe wish list:1./   Valentines Day Cheesecake. Cheesecake is my kryptonite. I can't say no....more

Featured Artisan ~ Grahams Bazaar

Featured Artisan ~ Grahams Bazaar This week meet Sebnem and Darral, a husband and wife team from Canada. How can you not love their creative shops, particularly when their motto goes something like this: 'We live to discover, create, share and love ♥ We enjoy laughing, loving, learning -- LIVING!'...more

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kindergarten Kiddos

I teach Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2.  My Kindergarten classes have reading buddies a couple times a month with a grade 2 and a grade 2/3 split class.  I wanted to do something for buddies that had to do with Valentine’s Day, so naturally I headed on over to Pinterest....more

Be Mine! Valentine's Card

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say a quick hello and show you this cute Be Mine! Valentine's Day Card I made.Supplies include white cardstock for the card itself, pink heart patterned paper, Be Mine! journaling block and heart stickers....more