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Mother's Day Gift Guide: DIY Edition

With Mother's Day basically a month away, it's time to start thinking about what to get the one who started it all.  In keeping with the DIY theme as of late, I thought it'd be fun to pick out some of my favorite DIY gifts that you can give to Mom this Mother's Day! ...more

From open to closed in 30 minutes

I know lately open concept has been a huge home style trend, and it tends to be for those without clutter. I don't know how home magazines depict individuals homes as being clutter free with the same concept, as half the time just breezing in through my front door creates clutter. In one sense I envy those who can meticulously pull off the open-concept office space, and then reality sunk in when I saw this every day....more

Project Life 2014 | February

This is my third year doing Project Life and in 2014 I will get a whole year done! I’m sharing each Project Life spread to add some accountability and, hopefully, to give you some inspiration for your own photo projects....more

Choose - One Little Word 2014 | February

For the past 3 years I've selected a word as a gentle reminder of what I want to invite into my life each year. This year my One Little Word is CHOOSE....more

Turn a Mason Jar Into a Spillproof Cup with a Straw!

The glassware of choice in this house is the mason jar.  It's simple, easy to replace, durable and goes with all the dishes.  We are still working our way out of the every cup needs a lid phase of life with little ones...because if they don't have a lid... This inevitably happens.  On purpose and on naughty.  Yep.  ...more
This is definitely an amazing way for me to drink out of my mason jar on the go....without ...more

Kid-Friendly Valentines photo craft

I just love this (somewhat) silly holiday. It was one of my Mom's favorites and it has become one of mine. I love it for the fact that while it is just another day, it serves as a reminder to do something extra special with or for your loved ones....more

Letter Tracing Activity - With Free Printable

 Make your very own letter tracing book for your kids with these free letter tracing printables!...more