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creating a new baby memory book

as a new mom of twin girls, i knew that i wanted to document as much of their first moments of life as possible. one of the best ways to do that is to put together a memory album – which you can either hand-make or buy a pre-made version at any baby store. no matter what type you plan to use to document your baby’s “firsts,” you can still put together something that’s meaningful to you and your family. i’ve compiled a list of keepsakes to think about saving to include in your baby’s memory book!...more

Fruit and Veggie Cook Bookmarkers

MaterialsPatterns (Below)9" x 12" art paper various colors9" x 12" tagboard               ...more

Halloween on a Budget: Make Your Own Adorable Costumes (and Save a Ton!)

I'm a crafty girl, so of course, I always make my kids' Halloween costumes. But even if you don't have a crafty bone in your body, I know you can make a costume this year (or at least vow not to spend an ungodly amount of money on a crummy costume at the store, okay?). I'll show you how—keep reading! ...more

Scents of Fall- DIY

So, when Davie and I were registering things before we got married I told him we MUST have a Crockpot. I read all of these wonderful recipes and how easy it is, so I decided it was one of the necessary things.When I received my Crockpot at the bridal shower it was so excited! I dreamed of the wonderful things I could make in it....more

#DIY felt storyboards

i waddled (39 weeks pregnant) into hobby lobby today with a mission! a new project on my mind! since the very beginning of my days of trying to entertain a child, i have been disappointed in the toy selections at stores. they are either way too expensive for the amount of use my child would get out of them with her tiny attention span or they are based around characters of a show neither of us have ever laid eyes i have resorted to craft projects or DIY toys to occupy most of our time....more

Etsy Made in Canada Pop-Up Market

Next Saturday September 27th, MaRS and OCAD are hosting the Etsy Made in Canada Toronto Pop Up Market. Made in Canada Day is a celebration of all things handmade and vintage, and brings together local Etsy sellers and communities. Toronto finally joins 21 other locations across Canada for the first ever Etsy Made in Canada events....more

Kitchen Chalkboard Menu Board

Kitchen Chalkboard Menu Board ProjectChalkboard is a very hot trend.  No wonder!  It is stylish, functional, and versatile.  Did I mention fun?  Yes, it's really fun. Tap your creativity to place chalkboard details in your house.  I am very excited about this project and  I think you will love it too. ...more

Mini Chevron Calendar Sets

Happy Friday!!! Boy it sure has been a long week. Then I thought yesterday was Friday so, what a let down when I realized I had one more day of work. Not that work is a bad thing it just stinks when you think its the weekend and its not. I think I was even commenting for people to have a good weekend and it was only Wednesday. Lol, oh well…...more

DIY Welcome Sign

I've wanted a to make a welcome sign for a while now but wasn't really sure what I wanted it to look like. After many hours on Pinterest I finally decided on red with white lettering and it I think it turned out fabulous! ...more

DIY: Tinker Bell Costume

Faith, trust, and pixie dust! If you're like me and have seen every Tinker Bell movie about a million times, then you know this phrase very well. My little girl will not watch ANYTHING but Tinker Bell movies. I've tried a bunch of Disney movies, cartoons, etc. They all lose her interest after about five minutes. But, if I put on a Tinker Bell movie, she will literally be glued to the TV the entire time! ...more
Oooohh Heather , you should see the magnificent fairy fabric I bought today! Expect pictures in ...more