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Easter Egg Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Hey y’all!Is it weird that I pick what type of wreath I do because of stink bugs?It may be a little weird, but I promise there is a method behind my madness.So, Corey and I live in the mountains in the middle of nowhere and it just so happens it’s a place that stink bugs just love to be.The first fall at this little casa of ours I made a big ole fluffy burlap wreath with some sunflowers....more

How to Surprise People With Scratch-Off Baby Gender Cards

I am 20 weeks pregnant! (Holy cow, where is the time going?), and we find out if the little peanut is a boy or a girl at our appointment on Tuesday. So, last week, I was trying to think of a fun and creative way to announce the gender. ...more
Heather: this is a wonderful craft and thank you for sharing it--I learned a new technique. I am ...more

Pinterest Inspired Spring Wreaths


5 minutes DIY felt hair clip

f you too have an hurricane baby  as my Miss B, who is not yet two years old, but is most feminine than Jessica Rabbit and loves clothes, shoes, bags, clothes pegs and elastic (and really I can't imagine from who this love derives!) then this little project quick and low cost is for you!...more

How to Make Sharpie Mugs the Right Way

So Sharpie mugs are definitely nothing new to the crafting and Pinterest world, but most people don't know the secret to making them actually work: Oil-based Sharpies! ...more
Wow! It almost looks like even I cannot mess this up. Almost. Thank you!more

How to Make Custom DIY Water Bottle Labels for Your Next Party

For those who love to plan and organize an event as much as I do, you know how fun the smaller details can be! I'm a sucker for a well thought-out celebration, and that includes making coordinating water bottle labels. ...more

How To Make a Pin Cushion

Making a pin cushion is really quite simple.  Take the lid off of a bottle of spray paint, turn it upside down.  Cut a piece of fabric in the shape of a circle.  Fold the fabric around a piece of cotton, and place it inside the lid.  Now your pin cushion is complete....more

How to Make Your Own DIY Wire Heart Ring

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I love rings. There's just something about looking down at your fingers and seeing something pretty that just makes me smile....more
Great post! Thank you for sharing this with us :))) !more

Making a Collar New Again

Some of my husband's nicest shirts were wearing out around the collar area.  You know how the collars get dirty around the neck, you treat the stains and then the collar becomes discolored in that area.  The rest of the shirt is perfectly good.  My mom recently taught me that I could rip the collars off of these shirts, turn them around and sew them back on so that the back sides of these collars is facing up to make the collar would look like new again.  I do this only on my husband's good shirts!...more

Pottery Barn Knockoff | Chalkboard Labels

Hey y’all!Now that Valentine’s Day is over I’m switching my focus to get back on the organizing train.This past November I purchased this entertainment center from because I loved all the storage options and I wanted something more Pottery Barn- esque than what I was working with before....more