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Pumpkin Decorating: Under the sea style! (from wordpress)

I just couldn’t decide what to do for our annual pumpkin decorating contest at work this year.  I don’t always do well with knives, so carving was clearly not an option, and paint on pumpkins can take extra long to dry (especially when you’re in a hurry!).  I’ve always thought that whimsical fish are adorable and have been inspired by them for various projects in the past, so I figured this would be a fun and somewhat quick way to transform a plain pumpkin into a beautiful masterpiece without much painting or carving. ...more

A Month of Handmade Gifts

 Starting November 2nd, we will be spending the entire month sharing different Han...more

Welcoming Winter with Wreaths

Something happened to me when I moved into this house. I became obsessed with being crafty and creative. I mean, I’ve always been crafty and creative, but owning my own home has kicked that into overdrive. The obsession has been manifesting itself in the form of seasonal wreaths these days. I made a beautiful wreath for autumn, and, now that fall is officially over for me (Goodbye Halloween! Bring on Thanksgiving and Christmas!!), it was time to craft something more wintery for our front door. ...more

Ghostly Sea Shell Garland

Sea Shell Ghosts...more

DIY Kids' Art Display

I'd like to share this quick and easy DIY project I did to display November's very first water color paintings in a fun, artistic way!November had just started learning how to water color. They were so cute, I needed some awesome way to display them! ...more

Fall Finds Under $25

I adore fall. I always have. Even living in a climate that doesn’t really see the true beauty of the changing season, I anticipate the end of summer and beginning of cozy autumn like a kid on Christmas Eve....more

Decorate a Pumpkin - The Safe and Easy Way!

After I bought two pumpkins, a friend with a big garden gave me three more!  I decided one trip to the hospital this year was enough though, so we're not cutting any more pumpkins to make jack-o'-lanterns this year! (My son's hand slipped while carving one of them this week, and he ended up with stitches. You can read about that here.)Yesterday, I started thinking about different ways to decorate our remaining pumpkins....more

Heckerty's Spooky House - A Halloween Hack to Paint and Decorate

Paint a spooky house!What you need to paint a spooky house:Wooden bird house to paint from craft shopPainter's tapeBlack paintPurple paintOrange paintWooden slim coffee stirrers from Starbucks/Einstein’s etcFoam Halloween stickers...more