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A Toddler Pillow to Make EVERYONE Happy!

Today is part two in my mini-craftinista* series and it starts with a little story…Have you heard of sleep regression? Apparently it’s a wonderful time in a child’s life where after months of going right to sleep and sleeping through the night, suddenly they don’t like to sleep anymore....more


well its been cold! i mean really freaking cold. school has been cancelled, no one wants to leave the house, and josh keeps getting called off work. (he works outside)it makes for some fun family time, lots of movies, and some impromptu dance parties. sid actually does have school today which will be good for all parties involved i am sure, (talk about cabin fever!!!) we can see the bottom of our craft bin and if i have to scrape glue stick glue off my dining room table one more time i might just have to pull my hair out!...more

Toddler Painting: $6 worth of materials for $60 worth of FUN!

I think this is going to be another crafty week, because darn if I haven’t been feeling like a crafting QUEEN lately.As most of you know, I was home for 16 days STRAIGHT for a sweet combo of work being closed (yay for working at a university) and a couple vacation days. SIXTEEN DAYS in a ROW. That’s kind of a lot.And no, I’m not complaining because I loved having time off to hang out with Jack and Ollie. And yoga pants. And Christmas cookies. But mostly Jack and Ollie....more
DeniseThank you so much Denise!more

Upcycled Wine Bottles Do you have empty bottles? Wine? Beer? Liquor? Let's make 'em pretty!I used large lights and plan to do more with smaller lights too!Just make a lead from the plug to wall end...enough to give you length from the bottle (and wherever you're placing it) to the wall outlet. Then start feeding the string lights in....move to the next bottle and so on...I love the glow if these blue LED's! Perfect mood lighting for our bar!...more

Win a Beautiful Box of Nature from Sequoia National forest!

Karen Homeschooling mom on the loose, creator of natural body products, writer Kartwheels Homeschooling & Kid's Projects ...more

The Made-by-Me Workshop

We used to have a holiday shopping event at our school.  A fundraising company would bring in all sorts of knick-knacks (junk) and the kids would bring in their money and “shop” for gifts for family and friends.  The school would make a percentage of the profit and….Voila - fundraising.  Blech!...more


When I think of December, I always think of Christmas. I have warm and fuzzy childhood memories of late nights, popcorn balls, church, and snow. I hope one day my children will look back on December and be flooded with memories of family, tradition, warmth, and bliss. The beginning of December marks the time for us to put away our school books, step away from extracurricular activities, and celebrate the season. Our days get lazy and slow. ...more

12 Crafts, 12 Days Wrap Up

     Christmas is over for the year.  The mad rush is over.  My blog lay, neglected over the last couple of weeks, and I feel like I need to do a wrap up of my failed attampt and 12 crafts in 12 days.  I really should have known better, but I do like a challange. ...more

Journey of a Crafter

 Whew! All of the Arts and Craft Shows for the year are done. I started selling at shows about a year ago when my mom paid my entry fee at an Arts Picnic in Greeley Colorado.  I made approximately $1000 that weekend.  What it showed me was that people actually liked and paid real money for the things I created in my garage and at my dining room table. The first year had a huge learning curve. The first of which was, how not to fight with my husband....more