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DIY Sharpie {Stained} Clutch

Okay, if you haven't heard of {PS I Made this...} you are missing out!Everything she makes is so inspirational!I highly recommend checking out her websiteRecently, I was inspired by her DIY clutchThe clutch is made from a canvas bag & stained with Sharpie's new {Stained} pensWhich by the way are AWESOME!...more
This is wonderful! I love it!more

Essential Oil (EO)

Effects of Essential Oils: When inhaled, the essences from the EO pass through the nasal passages into the lungs to the bloodstream to cause psychological changes. It affects the limbic area of the brain, which is related to memories and emotions. When essential oil is massaged or absorbed into the skin, or brought in through the lungs, changes will occur in the brain....more

Easy Gifts to Make

It's not too early to think about making gifts for Christmas. I always wait too long and then have to run around like crazy trying to get it finished and spending money I had not planned on. I like making my own gifts and I think the people I make for appreciate it.Fleece Scarfs...more

Fish Tank Craft (Recycling)

I love doing "recycling" crafts with Jake.  It's a great way to re-purpose some things we have around the house, and a lesson in reusing things that you might otherwise throw away. (But not in a Hoarders way. We don't keep a pile of newspapers or t.p. rolls anywhere to the point where you have to crawl over them.  Yet.)...more

Featured Artist: Betsy Wynn

Evaluating What's Important

I wrote not too long ago about thinking about my direction in life, in particular where I'm going in jewelry design.  More than a few people emailed me expressed the same feelings, and I did what I could to encourage and to help people submit their work to magazines.  I'd love to see some new blood in those pages!  A lot of people have said they feel like "why bother" when they see many of the same names month after month, and with as many blogs as I read -- I know there's a ton of amazing people ...more

Back To School FREEBIE Lunch Box Notes Print Your Own

With the kiddos almost all back to school here in the South, we thought today would be a great day to give you this FUN FREEBIE!...more

My latest furniture recreation

 This was just stained black when i bought it. I am little bit of a painting freak......if I get tired of if why buy a new piece when you can just repaint might have 35 coats of paint by the time I do decide I need to retire it but that is the joy of it all ...more

One for the Men: DIY {Skinny Tie} Tutorial

Working at Neiman Marcus the Hubby has come to appreciate the {Skinny Tie}. Most of his ties are the traditional wide tie & he was wanting something new. He said to me the other day, "I want a hobby like you, I want to do something creative!" I told him to look around the Blog-o-sphere for some "Man DIY's."A few days passed, I walked into the living room & guess what I husband...sewing...& ironing!! The clouds opened & I heard angels singing, hallelujah!! So proud of the Hubs & his craftiness!...more

Tussie Mussie or Posy

 I've added pictures.A tussie mussie is a small bouquet of flowers. In the 1800's women carried these small posies to ward off odors from the streets. There were no sanitary conditions, nor any care to personal hygiene. Today they are given for pure joy and love....more