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Looking for something crafty to do with your toddlers favorite scribbles? There are a lot of ideas floating around out there for upcycling, here is something a little different for you to ponder :) Scribbles=Art...more

Easy Breezy Art Project for the Un-Crafty

Before I became a parent, I imagined myself being the ultimate collector of every single art supply item known to man....more

Welcome Back and Shop Announcement!

Hi and welcome back to my (most-neglected!) blog!  It's been a while since I came here and shared some photo and scrapbooking goodness, so thanks for stopping back in and checking things out. ...more

Creativity Overload - tips for staying focused

It seems like these days everyone you know is a creative master....more
Thanks for writing this. I am SO familiar with this stuff! Haha I am improving one step at the ...more

Toddler Crafts In Under 10 Minutes!

Toddlers are my favorite people in the whole world.I am stepmom to preteen and 9 year old girl, and I love them so much. They are amazingly behaved and we have the best time together, but it’s different kind of fun. It’s big kids fun.  With toddlers it’s different. Their cute little smile and excitement about everything melts my heart. That has to be the reasons why am I still a nanny.Many people call my job transitional, or not a real one, but it’s the best job I can think of and I wouldn’t trade it for anything....more

July Create - Crazy about Canvas Frames

This year has been about trying my hands at some new things. As a newbie on Pinterest, a person could truly get lost in projects for a week without coming up for air. Do you remember those days, of endless Play, of lying on someone's lawn and watching the clouds go by?Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I appreciate re-creating a commercial idea and making it ...more

A Scrapbook Layout Start to Finish in 11 Minutes

I scrapbooked this week! It's been a while, but I had some time yesterday during naptime to record my first video(!) of my scrapbooking process. ...more

DIY Crate Nightstand

After moving to North Carolina (aka paradise!), both my roommate and I arrived with very little to our names and zero furniture. A combination of a new job, excessive pinning, and now living with an designer, my creativity flame has been ignited and has no sign of stopping. I was a project or two in before I started keeping track of what I was doing. What project am I completing now?A crate night stand!My supplies were simple:...more

What to Do With All Those Leftover Pretty Birchbox Boxes

If you're like me and love receiving monthly subscription boxes full of treats (beauty, food, crafts, etc.) then you probably have a stockpile going of leftover boxes that are taking up space....more
Excited to try these ideas.more