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Hair sticks and Hair Combs

Ornaments for your Tresses If there is one thing women can admit to is we go crazy over our hair. We do things to our hair that God never meant for hair to do. We curl it and crimp it with hot irons and strange oblong rollers. We color with dye that in all reality could make us bald. We spray copious amounts of hair spray in it and attempt to get it to sit up like a lap dog. Then once we are done we go out and gush over somebody’s hair with jealous zeal. ...more

diy maternity banner tutorial

we took our maternity pics this past weekend and when looking up props we could use, i stumbled across the cutest sign ever that i just had to replicate. this was a super easy project, too – only took me about 20 minutes to complete! score!source...more

cheap skate

I am trying to save money by making my own Tailor’s Ham, but it turn out like a Tortoises Shell. It might be because I did not stuff enough sawdust in it, there was still some space in it. Well next time I will know and I will make it with calico/muslin and wool fabric. Why don’t you tell me what you think it looks like? Have a nice sewing week. I got the pattern from Tilly and the buttons blog, and the design of the patterns is Victory Patterns. You can download the pattern from Tilly website Image: My Talior's Ham...more

Refold your handmade quilts every few months

A handmade quilt means someone has put in many hours of thought and hard work.  You will want it to stay beautiful for many years to come.Whether you display them on a quilt rack or store them in a closet, you need to refold them every few months - not longer than every six months.  The batting will get thin and worn where the folds are.  Refolding will help your beautiful quilts to last much longer and look nice for many years....more

Sew your own curtains

Here are some very simple curtains that you can sew yourself! If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could try it with fabric glue. You will need:About 2 yards of fabricRibbon to matchFabric scissorsStraight pinsSewing machine or fabric glueWhat to do:...more

Free Tutorial on Making a Wire Wrapped Flower Ear Cuff Earring

Wire wrapping and beading turquoise beads are involved in the design of wire ear cuff earring. No matter whether you ear have been pierced, you can wear the flower ear cuff earring. Let’s start the tutorial about making wire wrapped ear cuff earrings and make a beautiful ear cuff earring for you....more

A Mother’s Undying Love Lives On

A mother’s undying love lives on through future generations....more

Implementing Arts & Craft Tutorials for Kids

It’s best to develop a person’s set of capabilities and aptitude during their formative years. For children, play translates to education. Playgroups give the opportunity for kids to develop their problem-solving and creative skills. Their social talents and emotional intelligence are also nurtured in this time. Creating their Masterpieces at Play...more

Dye Your Own Pretty Silk Scarves! One of my techniques....

Marble Dyeing Silk ScarvesA TutorialDon’t you just love a pretty, colorful silk scarf? Did you know that it’s actually very easy to dye your own? All you need is the right tools and some basic know-how....more

Best Card Making Personality!

Card Making ArtistsMy Featured artist Dana Joy is such a fun and inspirational card making artist.  I love her vibrant personality.  She is always learning new things and finding new ways to create her cards.  She has various card making videos here and she is involved in a bunch of different design teams.  I love that she is taking a watercolor class and busy with so many different card making techniques and products....more