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Meeting the Girls - Part Three

Meeting the Girls – Part 3My descent into Vintage Sewing Machine AddictionMeeting the Colored Ladies.After acquiring two older black machines with beautiful decals, some of the mid-century machines caught my eye.   Since most sewing machines are either black or white, I found myself drawn to the colored ones.The first one I had to have is a Singer model 185....more

Easy Saturday Science Project: Walking Water

I saw this on Pinterest, and it was just a quick science project we could have going during the day, so we gave it a shot!Walking Water!It’s pretty (ridiculously) easy:  You need 3 cups, 2 paper towels and some food coloring.  The goal is to watch the water “walk” up the paper towels and transfer into the middle cup.caveat: This projects takes forever.  For. Ev. Er.  So, it’s not only a lesson in physics, but also one in patience....more

Create Your Own Stationery: Flower Power Envelopes

Flower Power Envelopes! I was a teeeeeensy bit inspired by take-out boxes. I freely admit to having a problem. I go into restaurants and examine take-out containers. Especially when they are cute. There. I said it. ...more

A Parent's Confession: I am Craft Challenged

Crafts are adorable, wonderful, fulfilling, organizing, and delightful - when they are done by someone other than me. I do crafts - lots of them - yet my end product never looks like THAT. ...more

Create Your Own Stationery: Watermelon Button and String Envelopes

I was born and proudly raised in a little gem of the Caribbean - Trinidad and Tobago. My fondest memories were always impromptu treats on our way to or from the beach. ...more
JennyKiernan Thanks, Jens!more

How to Make Your Own DIY Treat Boxes

I noticed that the restaurant had the most adorable take out/ snack containers, and right there and then, mid-bite of something greasy and yummy, a DIY was born: treat boxes! Wouldn't these little boat-shaped sweeties be awesome to serve snacks and treats? They can be great to store little crafty bits and pieces, too! Let's jump in, yes? ...more
Thanks, Brittany! :)more

Candles In the Wind

Oh how I wish I had taken a before picture of this candelabra before I revamped it. I found it at my favorite thrift store and walked around with it while I made up my mind if I was going to buy it or not. Do you ever do that or am I the only one? This piece was brown wood and covered with sticky dust that been on it for a long time. It also had dusty plastic green flowers woven through it. Ewwww!....more

15 Insanely Cool Mosaic Projects!

I’ve always found myself right at home when I create something wonderful with ceramic tile. Breaking those tiles into pieces and then fitting them back together like a puzzle to create something magical always made me feel – wonderful! ...more

5 Pinterest Boards for Paper Artists to Follow

Disclaimer: If you end up on Pinterest for hours today, it's clearly not my fault, because I'm only telling you which boards to follow. I'm certainly not telling you to scroll all the way down through all of their awesomeness, through the forest of instructional blog posts and how-tos and DIY goodness. That's on you. :) ...more