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4th of July Party Decorations

[Editor's Note: Erin Sipes from My Very Educated Mother is one of my favorite contributors to Kids Crafts 1-2-3 Magazine. As a homeschooling mom she always comes up with cute and clever ideas for she and her kids to make. I know I have extra TP rolls hanging around begging to be crafted into something patriotic, don't you? - Jen]...more

Use a Sharpie to Create a Funky Coffee Table

[Editor's Note: Sharpies have come a long way baby. If you thought they were only good for making garage sale signs, you were wrong. These days people are using them to make custom dog bowls, adorn lamp shades and my personal favorite decorate coffee tables. I must admit blogger Laura Putnam had me at floral couch, but the juxtaposition of the hand written coffee table really drove her interior design vision home. - Jen]...more
This is such a great idea!!! I love how versatile and easy to use Sharpies are for DIY Projects. ...more

Etched Mustache Beer Mug - A DIY For Dad

[Editor's Note: I love etching glass, it is so easy and fun. I have done it using stencils to make art and even whipped up a pair of beer steins once for Father's Day. Cassie from Hi Sugarplum has a great idea using the oh so trendy mustache motif. Pop over her to her blog for the full tutorial and more Father's Day inspiration. - Jen]...more
This is so cute!!more

DIY Printed Floral Denim

[Editor's Note: Printed denim is hot and has been for awhile now. I have jeans with floral, tribal, animal print and more.  With a few DIY tools like say fabric paint and stencils many of these looks could be achieved on the cheap and at home. I think before I go out and buy a new pair I'm gonna take a page from Dude Mom and try my hand at making my own. - Jen]...more
These are cute!more

Creating Your Own Freezer Paper Stencils & Tie Dying Stripes

[Editor's Note: Oh that Cathie Filian is one crafty lady. Everything she touches is cute and clever - this carousel horse tote bag is no exception. Not only is the bag cute, it appears to be pretty dang easy to make. All in one blog post Cathie shows you how to create and apply a freezer paper stencil and create a tie-dye stripe effect. I feel crafty just typing that sentence. - Jen]...more

Easy Summer Kids' Crafts: Recycled Jar Lid Suncatchers

[Editor's Note: I think Ana from Babble Dabble Do and I might have been separated at birth. She likes kid's crafts- I like kid's crafts. She thinks food coloring is the best thing for a mother to have in her craft arsenal - I couldn't agree more. She openly admits dragging her kids to the craft paper - I'll admit I've pressured my kids into crafting a time or two. If not my long my sister, definitely someone I would want to have a play date with. - Jen]...more

10 Dumb Pinterest Purchases

Editor's Note: I try to stay the hell off Pinterest most of the time, because it makes me feel slovenly and uncoordinated. So it was with great satisfaction I read The Dose of Reality's list of the 10 dumbest suggested purchases on Pinterest. Please to enjoy. -Rita...more
Okay, the moss bathmat is disgusting, but I have to stick up for fleece lined leggings! They're ...more

Instagram Organization with Printed Albums

[Editor's Note: Natalie from Natalme found an inexpensive way to print her multitude of Instagram photos and get them saved in albums. She tells you how easy it is in this post. -Virginia] ...more
@JennaHatfield  ok ignore that -- I found it. Silly me, should have just searched. ;-)more

Pompom Rainbow Valentine Heart How-To

[Editor's Note: Colorful pompoms somehow get relegated to the world of kids crafts. I know at my house they live with my children's art supplies. Why? Couldn't they be made into something fit for an adult? Maybe if they were juxtaposed against something a little more adult like? Enter this cute Valentine heart tutorial. I love the rainbow of colors paired with plain wood. - Jen]...more

Making a Pinterest To Do List

[Editor's Note: If your anything like me your Pinterest boards have gotten out of control. I have more pins than I will ever in a life time be able to create, cook, read - you get the drift. Melissa from While It Rains had a bright idea, make a Pinterest to do list. Pick your top 100 projects and actually make them. Don't just pin them and pine for them, make them. 100 pins on your list 365 days in a year, it is totally do-able. What would you put at the top of your list? - Jen]...more
This has been on my to-do list for weeks.more