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Make Your Own Customized Blog Planner

[Editor's Note: As a busy mom, blogger, editor, crafter and more it is important for me to keep things organized. I'm always looking for that magical system that will make life just a little but easier. Will a weekly menu board really make dinners run that much smoother? Will dividers in my kids closet really make their clothes that much easier to find on a hectic morning? A question I often ask myself is would a day planner or journal really help me keep my to-do lists and ideas better organized that an app on my phone? I have to say that after I saw the custom blog planner the girls at Kojo Designs whipped up I'm pretty optimistic. - Jen]...more

More Bang for Your Buck - Repurposing Baby Clothes with a Quick Pink to Blue Dye Job

[Editor's Note: Given I did not find out what I was having for either of my children, but when I was pregnant the second time around I was hoping for another girl for hand-me-downs sake. Alas, I was instead blessed with a bouncing baby boy and buckets of pink clothes. I don't really care what color my kids wear, but I do like the idea of giving old baby clothes a fresh look with a new dye job. That is exactly what the handy moms over at Thriving Home Blog did. They share all their tips and tricks for turning pink clothes blue and beyond. - Jen]...more
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Pinterest Daydreams: If All Your Pins Came True

I cracked up over I Still Hate Pickle's post musing on what real life would be like if it were anything like her Pinterest life. I think a lot of us can relate to wishing that our boards would magically transform into real life habits and skills. ...more
The organization elves would arrive with a shelf they found from the curb and 128 perfect jars ...more

Similar Projects: Where is the Line Between Copying and Creating?

Information moves so quickly on the Internet that it's often difficult to pinpoint where you first saw an idea.  Was it divine inspiration or was it triggered by someone else's post? Decor Adventures expresses her discomfort over the difference between creating and copying. She feels especially guilty when she gets a lot of hits on a post where she got the idea for the project off of someone else's blog (though where did they get it from?). ...more
I've copied projects. I've assumed that when people post tutorials and how-tos they kind of want ...more

Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornaments

[Editor's Note: If your like me and have kids - you have random puzzle pieces. Somehow we manage to lose at least 2-3 pieces for every puzzle. That being the case I have oodles of large-ish random puzzle pieces laying around that are waiting to be converted into something new and fresh. How about a Christmas ornament? - Jen]...more

Make an Advent Calendar From Leftover Halloween Candy

[Editor's Note: My kids still have candy left over from Halloween. It is almost Christmas for Pete's sake. I've been doling it out daily. Amber from Giver's Log had a brilliant idea. Take 25 pieces of Halloween loot right off the bat and stick it away for a holiday advent. Little candies get neatly wrapped into daily treats for the month of Deccember to help build anticipation for the big day! - Jen]...more

Festive Fall Paint Dipped Pinecones

[Editor's Note: I love the idea of adding a little funk and fun to something otherwise earthy, organic and traditional. Enter the paint dipped pinecone garland by Dana Willard at Made. Dana saw the idea over at Smile and Wave and tweaked it to make it her own. I've got a basket full of pinecones and some neon paint in the studio calling my name. - Jen]...more
nope but I've always thought about it... maybe this year?more

Easy Stovetop Potpourri

[Editor's Note: The smell of the holidays is one of the best parts of the season. Pine Christmas trees, cookies in the oven, oranges with cloves - all smells that remind us of good times with friends and families. Recreate those fond memories with a few simple ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard. - Jen]...more
Oh! I used to do this all the time when I lived in Toronto. I'd forgotten about it, maybe ...more

DIY Turkey Placemats

[Editor's Note: Remember as a kid you were always forced to sit at a separate table with all the other small fries? If your going to banish the kids you might as well make them a spiffy placemat of their very own. Sure the centerpiece at the adult table needs to be just right, but don't underestimate the entertainment value of a handmade turkey placemat for the kiddlets. - Jen]...more

Ornate Mini Quilt

[Editor's Note: Anything involving Liberty of London fabric is alright by me. I may not quilt, but this adorable and ornate mini quilt might be just the inspiration I need to start. I love the way the colors pop against the gray and the curves of the pattern created by Christina of The Sometimes Crafter.- Jen]...more