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Making a New Sign Look Vintage

[Editor's Note: I have seen some clever house numbers in my day, but the ones Lisa from Pennington Point hung from an old door and bolted to a tree in her front yard take the cake for originality. Lisa started with a vintage door and wanted some bold street numbers that also looked old. Not having any numbers on hand she made her own by hand painting some wood. With a few secret touches that she shares in the post her numbers quickly look as old as the door. - Jen]...more

Fun Family Science Craft: Dinosaur Eggs!

Do your kids love to play in the mud? When they play in a sandbox, do they love to hide things and dig for them? Then you've got to make these adorable and fun "dinosaur eggs" that April of Gingerbread made and shared on her blog. I think this would be a hit with just about any child -- or adult! ...more
So fun! My daughter loves these.  I have also made a frozen version using plastic Easter Eggs as ...more

How to Carve Your Logo Into a Block Print Stamp

[Editor's Note: I love the look of carved block prints. I must admit I have not had much luck with them in the past, but I’m always willing to try something again. When I saw a great post on Besserina about how to carve your logo into a block stamp I was inspired to grab my carving tools and linoleum block and give it another go. - Jen]...more

Measure Your Kids & Add Some Funk to Your Living Room With a Giant Ruler Growth Chart

[Editor's Note: Handwritten notches on a doorframe are so last year. All the cool parents are making their kids and living rooms stylish growth charts. Given, growth charts are usually not so stylish. Typically they involve pastels and Pooh Bear and would never be welcome in my living room or even a dark closet. However, wait until you see the giant ruler style growth chart Rhonda from Home.Made created. Even if you don’t have kids or if you have kids and don’t even care about how tall they are you are going to want one of these rulers for your home. - Jen]...more

DIY Ways to Celebrate the Olympics

[Editor's Note: How are you going to celebrate the Olympics? Don’t tell me you are just going to pop a bag of popcorn and roll up in front of the TV. The folks over at Ucreate think you should be hosting elaborate parties, baking gold medal cookies and crafting Olympic rings artwork with the kids. I kinda agree with them. Get the whole family into the spirit of things with this fun series of posts about the games. - Jen]...more

Creating Your Own Custom Comic Strips

[Editor's Note: Heather from Creative Family Moments came up with the perfect way to entertain a comic book obsessed kid. She gave her daughter a digital camera and told her to go nuts. Lot’s of random snapshots of the dog later the photos were unloaded onto the computer and put into a computer program called Comic Life to create the most adorable custom comic strips. So stinkin’ cute and clever! These would make great party invitations or holiday cards. - Jen]...more
I love that Sugar is the featured thumbnail:)more

How to Add Straps to Your Kids' Sun Hats

[Editor's Note: My kids are both notorious for ripping off their sun hats, especially my youngest. In Texas, sunhats are not just cute -- they are a necessity. Nothing irritates me more than finding a cute sun hat, only to realize it does not have a chin strap. Does this mean that most kids leave their hats on, and this compulsive hat removal thing is only a problem for my kids? I felt much better about things when I came across a tutorial on Make It Love It about adding straps to sun hats. Apparently I am not alone after all! -- Jen]...more

Handmade Party Favors - Birthday Magnets

[Editor's Note: Have you seen the stuff in the party favor aisle recently? I know my toddler is never that impressed with some of the cheap plastic junk that she comes home from parties with. Elissa Lerma from Punk Rock Parents may have just solved the dilemma of what to put in the goodie bag that is cute, original and will help the guest remember the birthday boy or girl all year long. Picture magnets, but of course! - Jen]...more
Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!more

Unexpected Cabinet Hardware - Used Paintbrushes

[Editor's Note: Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl may have just won the award for most clever cabinet hardware. She retired her old paintbrushes (complete with old paint) and converted them into cabinet door handles. I love recycling items, especially in a craft/work space. I am already looking through my studio at what has door handles can be replaced. - Jen]...more
@jenniferperkins That's super cute!more

10 Tips for Creating a Fab Photo Book

[Editor's Note: I’m one of those people that hoards photos. I have old computers that I can’t let go because I have yet to print all the old pictures off of them. My cell phone and iPod Touch are crammed full of quickie pictures of the kids and Instagrams. I always have the best of intentions for printing these pictures up and putting them in an album or better yet scrapbooking them, but it never seems to happen. Emily from Joyful Abode has just convinced me that the best thing for me to do with my surplus of photos is have them printed into photo books. She has even shared 10 great tips to make sure my photo books are the best they can be. I can hardly wait to get printing. - Jen]...more
I do these for vacations but still scrapbook. MyPublisher is my favorite brand.more