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Treat Yourself and Make a Batch of Lavender Mint Bath Salts

[Editor's Note: Mmmm lavender and mint bath salts – I feel relaxed just typing the words out. In 5 minutes and with just 5 ingredients Julie Blanner from Coordinately Yours whipped up a bath to remember. Not only are these bath salts quick, easy and relaxing they are also all natural. - Jen]...more
I have used those same canning jars for bath salts!!! That looks great!!!! I love making bath ...more

DIY Padded Camera Strap

[Editor's Note: Anyone who has a decent sized camera knows that those suckers can be heavy. I’m just a mom that dabbles in taking pictures of my kids and crafts, I can’t imagine how real photographers necks feel after a long day at work. Taylor Made has an amazing tutorial for whipping up a padded camera strap. The strap won’t make your camera weigh any less, but it might make wearing it for long periods of time a little more bearable. - Jen]...more

Crocheted Floral Measuring Tape Cozy

[Editor's Note: Is your measuring tape cold? Maybe you should crochet it a cozy. Carli Lowry from Simply Notable just so happens to have complete instructions for doing just that. Any self respecting crafter, flea market shopper or interior decorator has a measuring tape on them at all times. Seems only right that it be adorned with flowers, frills and buttons. - Jen]...more

Customized Family Finger Puppets + Theatre

[Editor's Note: Summer is as good as here and parents everywhere are stocking their boredom busting arsenals. Here is a clever project to add to the list – customized finger puppets and a theatre built from a cereal box. Kids will love putting on show after show with their family adorned finger puppets. You could easily laminate the faces and use sticky back Velcro to make the puppets interchangeable. One day they are finger puppets of the fam the next day it is the faces from Jr.’s preschool class. The possibilities for the puppets are endless. - Jen]...more
If by 'cute' you mean 'creepy', then yes. Yes they are! ;)more

DIY Aztec Print Shoes

[Editor's Note: Unless you have been living underneath a rock this spring you have noticed that Aztec prints are all the rage. Every summer it is a different ethnic inspired look and this summer it appears Aztecs are the lucky winners. Jamie from C.R.A.F.T. came up with some clever DIY Aztec inspired shoes. All you need is a blank pair of kicks and some fabric paint and you are ready to rock. - Jen]...more

Gardening with Style - How to Build a Chic Outdoor Planter

[Editor's Note: Author, blogger and new Austinite Georgia Pellegrini is a true Jill or all trades. She hunts, cooks and apparently also dabbles in woodworking and gardening. When Georgia spotted some planters she was smitten on at one of her favorite restaurants she immediately thought to herself: “I could make that”. And make that she did. Check out her full tutorial on building your own chic patio planter. - Jen]...more
wow thats lovely. Really creative.more

DIY Mid Century Modern Sunburst Mirror

[Editor's Note: Clothespins have never looked so hip as they do on this sunburst mirror from Imparting Grace. This classic mid century modern mirror theme gets an interesting makeover when blogger Richella Parham visits the laundry room. Think of all the options – a clock instead of a mirror, colorful plastic clothespins instead of wood or even painted or decoupaged pins. - Jen]...more
Love this idea! RT @BlogHer DIY Mid Century Modern Sunburst Mirror

DIY Monster Pillows

[Editor's Note: The only thing I love more than a monster plushie is a chevron print. The two combined and I am in crafty hog heaven. Kelsey from Vanilla Joy created this creepy little cutie to go in her son’s monster themed bedroom. Talk about a pair of lucky little boys! Kelsey walks you through the steps of creating your very own monster pillow and the best part is it takes less than 1 hour start to finish. - Jen]...more
Seriously. These are the kinds of monsters I want to stop by and say hello in the middle of the ...more

DIY Yarn Wrapped Letters

[Editor's Note: When it comes to yarn letters – no pain no gain. What? You didn’t know crafting sometimes hurt. Well wait until you start wrapping wooden letters in yarn and your fingertips are burnt to a crafty little crisp. Cranny + B has posted a great tutorial about creating your own set of yarn wrapped letters. They may hurt like heck to make, but the end result is so cute they are worth it. Spell out an entire word, make a set of initials or perhaps choose just one special letter. For someone who does not knit or do much crochet I am always looking for projects that enable me to play with all the beautiful colors of yarn out there. - Jen]...more
Jennifer,   thanks so much for featuring my yarn letter post-- hope it helps many and keeps the ...more

Washi Tape Makes Everything Cuter - Even Outlet Covers

[Editor's Note: For someone who does not own a single roll I sure am obsessed with washi tape. I have several rolls of virtual washi for digital scrapbooking, but that would not do me much good if I tried to cover a switch plate. After seeing these adorable washi tape adorned outlet covers on That’s what (Che) Said it might be time for me to invest in the more tangible type. My worry is that I too would start covering everything in washi tape. It starts with something innocent like a light switch cover and then your addiction spirals out of control and nothing is safe from the cuteness of washi tape. - Jen]...more
I must try this.  I am designing a craft room!  I have washi tape from Japan that my sister in ...more