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Christmas Bunting Tutorial

[Editor's Note: Whether you call it a bunting, banner or garland this cute handmade decoration is sure to add holiday cheer to any home. Most garlands are made of fabric and involve sewing of some sort. This red and green cutie by Andee at Bearing Fruit is paper and put together with a hot glue gun. Easy, fast and cute. That is my kind of project. -Jen]...more

How to Make Awesome Turquoise or White Pumpkin Decorations

[editors note - You could have an orange pumpkin like everybody else, but why when you could have a turquoise (or white) one instead.  The pumpkin color possibilities are endless with this fun tutorial. - Jen]...more
Love turquoise pumpkin, gonna try this now!!!more

Halloween Crafts: Assemblages

Cheeky Magpie has found a way to perfectly meld Halloween and Steampunk with her darling and dimensional assemblages.   Don’t let the small size fool you, there is a lot of crafty action going on. Halloween AssemblagesAnd this very haunted house begs you to come closer, but only on a full moon. Watch out for the bats!   ...more

How to Turn a Purse Into a Camera Bag

[Editor's note: Mel bought this cute purple purse at Target then made her own removable foam inserts to turn it into a camera bag to protect her gear. Arty stuff for arty stuff! Love it! -- Julie] ...more
I love this. A lot.more

Passing the Afternoon with Homemade Fingerpaints

You know that day when everything is going wrong and the kids are vomiting and you have a headache and you just want to curl up in bed for the next eight days? Elastagirl at My Incredible Family recently had one of those, but found a way to turn the day around. I admire her for that ability... and I took notes! ...more
Brilliant, I've never tried making paints before but will defo be having a go at this.Thanks, ...more