2014: The Year of 'Black Girls Are Magic'

"Black girls are magic!" When blogger Cashawn Thompson coined the phrase earlier this year, I don't think she imagined that Black girls (and women) would collectively embody the very essence of magic and spend 2014 breaking down barriers, setting records, and shattering pervasive negative stereotypes. ...more
teobesta amanorman ewiyy yenae enat. Sorry to hear that. Big cities can be lonely though. How ...more

Lessons Learned at St. Louis's City Museum

If you haven’t been to City Museum in St....more

5 Secrets of Korean Drama Kisses

South Korea produces many of the planet's best television romances and melodramas these days. Maybe this is why millions of Americans watch subtitled Korean television on the internet. How do these foreign romances win us over?...more

My Relationship With Buying Things And How It Makes Me Happy… But Actually Lonely

         “Save Money. Live Better” (Walmart) “Open Happiness” (Coca Cola) “The Happiest Place on Earth” (DisneyLand)         As a fish swims in water, we in the western cultures of the United States and Canada swim in water made up of advertising.         In light of Black Friday passing and the Christmas countdown on full swing, buying gifts for friends and loved ones is at the forefront of our minds....more

Why I Celebrate Christmas as an Atheist

   Many of you already know that I am an outspoken atheist. ...more

When the News Leaves Me in Despair, Art Saves Me

When a grand jury failed to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Mike Brown, I felt hollowed out by sorrow and grief over the lack of justice that washed over me. I cried on my husband's chest, asking him to tell me how we were going to protect our three Black boys from such a system... and from people who believe it is within their rights to cut the lives of Black men and women short for whatever reason they deem necessary. He didn't have an answer....more
Yes.  Sometimes my husband and I talk about the loss of the local artistic community and what ...more