Movies that make me want to clean my house

There's a family legend about my great-grandmother, born Mary Swan but known in adult life as Mrs. Brizzolara, which moniker the neighborhood kids could not pronounce and so she became "Mrs. B." or, to us in stories, simply Bee. The legend is that she was always Too Busy Rolling Bandages For the Red Cross to bother cleaning her house. This would have been circa World War I. ...more

ABC's of setting up your website, what everyone should know

New post on blog... ABC's of setting up your website, what everyone should know.  Click here for more ...more

That Painter Lady - Site Warming Party

I am happy to annouce that the That Painter Lady website re-do is complete!!  In celebration of the new site, I am offering a sweepstakes / giveaway for everyone to be a part of. Prizes include a texture paint package from Deco Art, Fabulous painting & decorating books from Amazon, and my faux finishing videos.  ...more

On letting go of my babies

Art-making is a personal thing. As I sit down to make a work, I control the brush along with the choices of color, composition, expression, and overall mood. The work I am creating is very much mine until I'm satisfied with the way it looks. ...more

Graphics Design Career Change

This time last year I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life--a graphic designer. I enrolled in the graduate graphic design program at a local university. I spent an unbelievable amount on art supplies, textbooks, and software. I was ready to go. ...more

Everyday Art: Coffee Filter Fashions--Freestyle

For anyone who thinks that arts & crafts projects have to be complicated, let me tell you this is not true. Kids can be very creative if you give them the materials. ...more

Loving Kindness, Got some? by Sally Huss

"Loving kindness spreads like wildfire when given a little spark."  ...more

Women Solo; Travelblog Camp; How Not to Plan; Postcards

This is a terrific, (mostly) sensible, hallelujah can I get a witness post with advice for women traveling solo. Road Junky, as usual, tells it like it is. For example, on bringing a journal: So tell your journal all about the delicious club sandwich you had for lunch and spare your friends the boring stories. ...more

Painting Give Away of a Romantic Dress by artist Diane Bronstein

This is the first time I have done a give away. It is a beautiful original watercolor painting of a dress. To enter for a chance to have this lovely painting click on the blog and follow the rules. ...more

Clive Barker on Dreams, Art, the Act of Writing and Existential Aloneness

Naomi Epel's Writer's Dreaming, is a collection of interviews from writers on how their dreams influence their creative process. When I got to the chapter on Clive Barker, of Hellraiser fame, I was tempted to skip it. I will confess I have not read his works and have not seen any of the Hellraiser films, so I have no right to any opinion on the man at all. But really, his name did not jump out to me as a great author of our time, as say a Maya Angelou or Isabelle Allende. ...more