Starting your child's art collection

I've mentioned before that my husband Marcus and I have been pretty avid art collectors.  It's not like we own Picassos or Monets or anything, but we own a lot of art, purchased, for the most part, when we travel.  Some of the pieces were pricey, but others are just the works of local artists -- sometimes even street artists --  of various cities where we've vacationed.  We just buy what we like. ...more

I love art too - and take my son to galleries and to meet other artists. He is an artist and has ...more

Art kid style

Last Friday to celebrate the completion of Princess's first week of school we went to an Art Studio for kids in Roselle. One of my friends had told me about this place and raved about it. It on the sounded like it could be fantastic my kids love messy art play and this was a chance for them to do it and me not to have to clean up all of the mess... everyone wins- right? ...more

The Troll Princess Part 2

* continues from The Troll Princess Part 1 * The next morning Emma woke to a loud banging and a roar from her father. Then the sound of the stage coach rattling away into the distance. There was a knock on her door, and her maidservant put her head around the door. “You better get up. That princey fellow has done a runner. Need help dressing?” ...more


Now you can hear me telling a story online, through a podcast I did this week with Eric Fritzius of West Virginia Writers.Click here to go to the website where you can hear the podcast.How cool is that. The Internet never ceases to amaze me. ...more

Rindercella: A Blory Stog

If you have never heard of Spoonerisms then the title of this post is probably yeek to Grou. ...more

Poetry Friday: The Jellyfish


Three artists you should meet

I am no artist.  Don't get me wrong:  I'm a photographer, and feel pretty comfortable with my ability to capture a pretty picture, but ask me to draw a face, and you'll wonder how I ever passed Kindergarten art class.  It's really quite stunning to me that I'm able to take pictures from all sorts of angles and perspectives, but ask me to draw a building from any sort of perspective other than straight on, I'm at a loss. ...more

There are plenty of people who can make a decent likeness or at least make a face look like a ...more

Letterhead and Envelope Design Tips

Having a quality letterhead and a custom envelope can go a long way toward building a professional image in the public eye. These are items that consumers are used to established companies having, so you'll want to take advantage of these relatively inexpensive marketing collaterals to make a good impression. ...more

Artists of all sorts, feature your work

Hi, I'm Rachel. I run DailyPepTalkFromABestFriendEveryday I post a pep talk, a podcast, and a whole bunch of pics and art. As an art lover, I'm interested in promoting artists with a picture on my site and a link to your blog or info. If you check my site and think your work would be good match, please feel free to contact me. I like all sorts of arts and crafts, jewelry, photos, antiques, cute animals, food and recipies with pics, anything really. ...more

The Troll Princess Part 1

Once upon a time there was a Troll Princess.  She was the only child of the Troll King and the Troll Queen, and her name was Princess Emma. One day Emma was busy in her work room when she got a message to attend her parents in the throne room.  Emma wondered a little as she made her way through the castle.  “Its probably something to do with my birthday,” she thought.  She would be turning eighteen soon and her parents were full of plans and excitement for the party. ...more

I'd probably do it once a week, though from a selfish perspective ... it will be hard to wait a ...more