Clive Barker on Dreams, Art, the Act of Writing and Existential Aloneness

Naomi Epel's Writer's Dreaming, is a collection of interviews from writers on how their dreams influence their creative process. When I got to the chapter on Clive Barker, of Hellraiser fame, I was tempted to skip it. I will confess I have not read his works and have not seen any of the Hellraiser films, so I have no right to any opinion on the man at all. But really, his name did not jump out to me as a great author of our time, as say a Maya Angelou or Isabelle Allende. ...more

Go For The Gowns, Mrs. Obama!

  Dear Mrs. Obama,(Girlfriend!!! You're going to need ballgowns for the days surrounding the Inauguration! That's right! Gowns!! Was there anything ever more fun than going into a dressing room with an armful, and trying on gowns? Whoo hooo!!). ...more

Dressing The Future First Lady, Mrs. Obama

Dress by Narcisco Rodriguez, photo courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, NYC ...more

Bevy: Shop, Save and Showcase your Style

Bevy is an addictive community for those of us already addicted to fashion.  Like a blog, it is all about personal expression.  Members can create virtual closets from thousands of brands, chat about products they love, ask fashion advice and make a video that brings their style to life. ...more

Roy Andersson's delightful 'face about the human condition'

"Be pleased then, you, the living, in your delightfully warmed bed, before Lethe's ice-cold wave will lick your escaping foot." ...more

Native Plants for Tomorrows Candidates

In light of tomorrows election a Landscape Design Blog called 'Studio g' dedicated part of an ongoing series about native plants to be inspired by the four candidates that we will vote on tomorrow. Clever and with tongue firmly in cheek, the post picks plants that share personality traits.  ...more

Holiday Photo Gifts - Thinking Beyond the Frame

I love picture gifts - I admit it. I love to give them and I love to receive them. This may have a little something to do with the fact that in the three years since becoming a digital SLR fanatic I've logged over 20,000 images on my various hard drives. (Don't ask me how many of these actually make it into print, because the percentage would be very, very low. But the ones that have? Priceless.) ...more



For the last few months I have been becoming increasingly unhappy with my art style and with my art biz. I have started sketching a lot so I can get better and am trying new things. My husband says I should take some art lessons like watercolour so I can broaden my horizens so I will contact some of the local artists to see who gives lessons. ...more

Getting creative with the great pumpkin

Next year!

I don't think I can handle two back to back "Month of _____" anythings. Also, ...more

Gender profiling

Rarely do I get to work on two portraits of the same person at the same time, but, last spring, I gave myself just that assignment for Apple Pie. I painted two portrait of Allie, one as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and one as Susan B. Anthony, representing both of the leaders of the women's suffrage movement with one person in order to emphasize the peculiarities of their individual histories and of the history of the movement. ...more