Healthier Kitchens - Countertops, Cabinets and Flooring

I bought a catalog cabinet to hold our cook books and some cookware last year that made me sick.  Whenever I walked into the kitchen or family room -- where we spend most of our time! -- I would get headaches.  It didn't take me long to finger the low-budget import as the off-gassing culprit.  I'll never again buy another cabinet or furniture piece from a country without environmental controls.  Nor should you, if you want to keep yourself and your family safe! ...more

King Kong

Today I feel like King Kong, to say the least. I managed to remove that horrid wall to wall carpet. 15 m2 of carpet and more to come (the underside of the carpet is glued to the floor. Advice???), but so satisfying. I feel positivly empowered. The whole room feels new and we got the wardrobe out, all the bookshelves and some other things too. I just can't believe it. I did it!! The ugly, dirty carpet is gone!!!   ...more

Video Happy Musing "Looking forward..." by Sally Huss

Sally Huss comments on her Happy Musing "Looking forward laughing alot and letting life do its thing leave little to complain about." ...more

DIY forever

Yet another day with the paintbrush. It is rather satisfying so see the room getting into shape. There will be a lot to do the next two weeks. We have to wash and paint a small house as well and also get rid of ugly wall to wall carpeting under my grand piano. The walls need paint and so does the floor. What projects! But it will be nice to see the results and great exercise wile it lasts. ...more

Hello Blogher!

Hello to all in the Blogher community. I cannot believe I haven't done this before as so many of my friends and family are already her. I have been dying to attend a Blogher conference and I think, the next one might just work.... I am looking forward to exploring the site, meeting new folks, having engaging conversations and reading the stories of crazy amazing people! ...more

Don't Write: A Reluctant Journal and Other Great Cures for Writer's Block

I first met Jen Lee last fall in a tiny restaurant on the Lower East Side. She was the first person to show up for a little blog meetup with readers from New York City, and she arrived just in time to relieve my anxiety that I would be the only person to show. We had just enough time together before the others arrived to realize our paths had been crossing for some time--in shared friendships, similar upbringings, a familiar love for the writing life and so much more. ...more

To me, a writer, whether dealing with extended writer's block or delving in, is a person who ...more

Video Happy Musing "Forget the Mask..." by Sally Huss

Sally Huss comments on her Happy Musing "Forget the mask.  Forget the face.  Forget the skin.  Love the within.  Love the heart." ...more

Granite countertops, radon and cancer -- media hype or major problem!

The New York Times, Fox Business News and numerous other well-known media outlets are carrying headlines about the link between granite countertops, radon and cancer.  Lawyers are advertising for granite buyers to join lawsuits.  (Who are they going after, Mother Nature?)  Several friends and relatives sent me the articles this past week, knowing that I help clients choose materials for their building and remodeling projects.  ...more

1st day!

Hi! This is my first time blogging here...  For some basic info on myself, read my profile! ...more