Black Pepper Publishing well versed in the 21st century

Black Pepper Publishing well versed in the 21st century [Vita's Clients] -  vitalingus - @ 06:17:pm Black Pepper publishing has arrived at Vita in 2009, with juicy stories wild and very well placed voices. Black Pepper is the absolute ultimate of ...more

Home decor: outdoor spaces

I don't know what it is about the changing seasons, but as soon as one starts slipping away and melting into another, I get the urge to redecorate some area of my house.  My husband Marcus sees it coming:  he watches me appraising some corner of our home, quietly tutting and tsking, and he knows the time has come to gird his loins, and prepare for a (possibly arduously) long honey-do list, propelled primarily by my whims.  This winter-into-spring it was all about painting our family room.  And now?  As we say goodbye to Mother's Day, and spring slips into summer? It's all about the outdoors, baby. ...more

What Goes Around Comes Around

In Europe it seems as though there are merry-go-rounds in almost every plaza or park. This is all-year. I don't even see this in the summer in NYC other than in ...more

Rules Are Made For Their Own Sake

Whenever I go to a museum I bring a notebook. I always read something that I fall in love with and I need a place to write it down. This is what I found yesterday at the Met: ...more

Afternoons at the Met

I went to the Met this afternoon and saw the most wonderful exhibits. If you are in the NYC area and you love art and fashion and photography, you must make your way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Pictures Generation exhibit and the Model as Muse exhibit. ...more

My Mod Collage

Creating artwork has always been one of my favorite past times. In this blog, you can view my most recent pieces, which are specifically collages. Take time to enjoy my thoughts on paper! ...more

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The Saint Of Search Engines

My files disappear into my computer with great regularity - even the ones I name myself using such explicit language that I’m certain they’ll pop up when I need them.  Wrong.  Whatever language I used is not the language that comes to mind when I search for them. ...more

What Does Beauty Mean to You

Stephanie Naumoska     ...more

Fleur de Sang