Excalibur Reclaims Her King Now Available!

  Excalibur Reclaims Her King by Angelica Harris and Corey Blake ...more

Poetry Friday: Alice Pettway

Alice Pettway's chapbook, Barbed Wire and Bedclothes, is forthcoming from Spire Press, Inc. later this year. She is a former Lily Peter Fellow, Raymond L. ...more

Scenes from the Commute

C train at 96th Street ...more

Flowers in NYC

Who said Spring wasn't in the air? ...more

on making a home

My mother has always had a well-appointed home.  At any given time in my life, from the time I was still living with my parents up to and including today, my parents' house has always been decorated beyond reproach: the couch always matched the loveseat, the art on the walls always complemented the colours of the furniture, and each room always had a theme:  mid-century Scandinavian.  Antique Oriental.  And twenty years ago, when I moved out on my own and started building my own home, I tried very hard to emulate her style. And then my daughter was born. ...more

I wish it were easier to fill our home with "soul." My boyfriend and I are fairly young, and ...more

It's a Party...You're Invited!

I am participating in a Group Show entitled "Unframed Portraits: The Self and Others" at the Broadway Gallery in New York for two weeks in June (June 1 to June 15). ...more

Shelley Singer: My Life in Five Pictures | Women's Voices For Change

Maybe it is for this very moment that I have been cataloguing pictures and watching family movies for most of this decade, writing, fretting, and trying to see clearly and to say what is true. I have hours of DVDs, hundreds of pages of words, and a row of file boxes with year-by-year photographs, love letters, death certificates, sonograms, a hankie from World War I, passports, and locks of babies’ hair. ...more

Susan Boyle: Now That's a Woman's Voice For Change

Susan Boyle, 47, of West Lothian, Scotland, became a surprise favorite on the UK television show "Britain's Got Talent." Her gorgeous rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream," from the musical Les Miserables stunned the normally caustic Simon Cowell into openmouthed awe, and brought an applauding studio audience to its feet. ...more

I can see why the judges sat open mouthed.

Amazing someone can get 47 years into her ...more

Plot or No Plot

I recently perused the stacks for reading material with several writer friends. One of them picked up a book and exclaimed, "Does it have a plot? I'm not reading one more book without a plot!" ...more

Mother Nature is Definitely a Mutha.

I've been really bad about posting here on BlogHer.  I love it here so much but with a million things on my mind on a daily basis...something is bound to be forgotten.  I'm over at www.ciaochessa.com daily.  But I promise to do my best to be here too! :) Once again it is freezing in New York City. Talking about the weather usually bores me (unless I'm talking about what to wear in certain weather) but lately it has become somewhat of an obsession. I can't take it. Spring, where the heck are ya? ...more