Picture It: What Does Love Look Like?

"I found a picture of you. Those were the happiest days of my life." The Pretenders What does love look like  - to you?   (Sometimes love looks like Union Square during a certain very special gathering of women in the summer.)  ...more

What a great post.

I actually have a photo of my husband before we knew we were going ...more

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Movie Review

Last night I saw the Oscar nominated movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This is a movie based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Most of you probably already know the plot, about a man who is born in his eighties and as he grows older, his body grows young to where he will die as a baby. The tagline they use for this movie- “Life isn’t measured in minutes, but in moments”, becomes so important for the way Benjamin lives his life. ...more

Blame it on Rio?

Audrey Hepburn once said, “Some people dream of having a big swimming pool. With me, it’s closets.” Were she still alive, Ornare’s closets would likely make the iconic actress swoon! The Brazilian company that migrated from South America to Miami is known for its exceptional detailing and luxurious appointments. A stroll through the Miami showroom brings great sensory pleasure. There’s something about the sleekly polished woods, which have managed to retain their textural personalities, combined with a peppering of undulant furniture that creates an air of allure. ...more

Leya Evelyn: On Being A Woman Artist


The Weekly Art Picks

The Weekly Picks ...more

Snow Day! A Caption Contest

While the country ushered in a new regime, we had fun with visiting Bluebirds. After several fun voyeuristic shots, I happened to capture these 2 sitting at the warm water bath at 10:30 this morning. I’ve created a contest based on this image. Join Us! Contest ends January 31, 2009; 11:59 EST More here: http://creativegoddess.wordpress.com/2009/01/20/snow-day-a-caption-contest/ Thanks! Lisa ...more

Silent Poetry Reading for Bloggers

What: A Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading When: Anytime February 2, 2009 Where: Your Blog To celebrate the Feast of Brigid, aka Groundhog Day How: Select a poem you like - by a favourite poet or one of your own - to post February 2nd. ...more

Childrens’ Underwear on my Head in the NYC subway.

When I turned 27, I decided that every day of my 27th year, I would perform somewhere. I decided I could do this anywhere for any duration, so long as I had an audience of at least one. ...more

Genre Sick?

Genre Sick? ...more

Ransom my Heart Book Review *Meg Cabot*

Ransom my Heart Book Review *Meg Cabot* Ransom my He ...more