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9 Great Books to Inspire Creativity

I have a pool. With small children, this is a blessing and a curse: A blessing because my family enjoys swimming, and a curse because my family enjoys swimming—which means I need to be vigilant and sit by the pool all day even when I don't feel like swimming. ...more
Excellent! - Denisemore

24 Hours in Milan


Handmade Chat with SCULTUREinDESIGN

When I was a little girl, my mother and I took pottery classes at the famous Detroit landmark, Pewabic Pottery. My mom is very creative and tried to encourage an interest in the arts in both her children. Because I attended pottery classes, I have always appreciated the art of ceramics and know the amount of time it takes to produce a unique piece. Sometimes, you have a piece of clay exactly as you wish it to look and it is ruined in the firing process. Patience and tenacity are essential qualities for a successful sculptor, not just an artistic eye....more

September edition of the name game

On August 12, my mom sent me a seemingly random text message that said: I named you after Lauren Bacall. Cool. Babe.First of all, can we just pause here to recognize how suave my Mom is? She's a pretty crafty chick and an amazing woman. You should check her out....more

My Pilgrimage to North Beach

This past Saturday, we needed to get out of the house.  It was hot (+100F, blech), and the only thing I had to do was cleaning.  Who wants to do that?  Not this girl.So we headed to SF for an adventure day.  Originally we were going to go to the zoo…but after spending more time enjoying ourselves at The Melt, eating ridiculously good jalapeno and grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup, than we intended, I had to look for something else to do....more

ICY HOT Patagonia Glacier SNOW SCENE Margaret Aycock Original Painting

My nephew who is studying to be a mountaineer sent me this photo of a rarely visited place on the planet.  He had to climb up icy mountains and camp in the snow in order to get this rare photo.  I thought it looked both freezing cold and somehow, warm with that brilliant sun in the sky and reflected back on the icy snow. To visit my artist blog:

Hey Krishna - Music Video

New music  video from Sou's Voice is out. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

How to Stand Strong Behind your Work & Art, Even when it’s Scary

Well, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night…soooo… Well, I didn’t have very much time to prepare…soooo… Well, I wasn’t really invested in this idea anyway…sooo… Sound familiar? We dish these lines out like they are candy on Halloween. ...more
To answer the question, as an Actionable Creator, I find myself bringing a greater sense of joy ...more