Your List of "Things You Should Never Say" is Not Helpful

     A few weeks back, a friend posted this article on Facebook titled, "Ten Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Chronic Pain".  These things float around on every topic.  "Nine Things You Should Never Say to Breastfeeding Mothers", "Top Eight Things You Don't Mention to Foster Parents", "Five Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Bi-Racial Children" etc.  I could go on forever.  Except this time, I just felt super irritated when I finished it.  I couldn't figure out why for a long time.  Then, a light bulb went off....more

Finding the Name of the REAL Artist

This stunning painting has garnered many inquiries on my blog.  I stumbled on it on Pinterest  where it was entitled ” What Jesus Did for Me” by  Yongkim Kim.  Many people, churches and websites asked how to contact the artist but I couldn’t discover anything  further. However a diligent reader, Amanda, discovered the artist's true identity, Yongsung Kim. To contact the artist directly, email ....more

Chitrashala: A Museum In The Clouds

Chitrashala: A Museum In The CloudsPosted on July 4, 2014 by aborrowedbackpack ...more

Faces of Children Around the Globe

Artists  delight in painting the faces of children, capturing their innocence, wonder and even Zhang Li (1958, Chinese)Portrait de jeune filleby Francois-Emile Barraud (1899-1934, Swiss) ...more

How do you feel creative?

  As I write this I’m still pumped from last week’s turnout to my new online course.Thirty-nine students signed up two days after I launched Writing the Body—Awaken to the Body’s Wisdom and Connect to Your Creative Source.  Speaking of creativity…...more

Tangled Tuesday No. 9: Canada Day Edition!

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! It was rather nice that the holiday fell on a Tuesday this year, combining with my usual Monday off to give me a whole bunch of free time - a four day weekend, if you please! - to ease myself back into tangling after a break to prepare for and visit with our houseguests. ...more

My Senior Art Exhibit at Seton Hill University - ARTsylum

My Senior Art Exhibit at Seton Hill University - ARTsylum To me the purpose of art is to produce something alive...but with a separate, and of course one hopes, with an everlasting life of its own.  ~Henry Green...more