Why I Celebrate Christmas as an Atheist

   Many of you already know that I am an outspoken atheist. ...more

When the News Leaves Me in Despair, Art Saves Me

When a grand jury failed to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the death of Mike Brown, I felt hollowed out by sorrow and grief over the lack of justice that washed over me. I cried on my husband's chest, asking him to tell me how we were going to protect our three Black boys from such a system... and from people who believe it is within their rights to cut the lives of Black men and women short for whatever reason they deem necessary. He didn't have an answer....more
Yes.  Sometimes my husband and I talk about the loss of the local artistic community and what ...more

The Art of Talking Politics

Last weekend my mom and I popped by the AGO to check out the (awesome) Alex Colville exhibit. While we were there, we wandered into the art and politics wing of the gallery, a place where my mom could pretty much be an installation, as it was the intersection of two of her greatest passions. ...more

Winter Painting

I am Margaret Aycock.  This blog follows my life as an artist, organic gardener, forager, cook,and house concert host.  I live in a family of musicians/songwriters/artists, Jesse Aycock, Dylan Aycock ( Scissortail Records)  Scott Aycock...more

10 Beautiful Sentences From My 10 Favorite Fiction Books of 2014

The "best of" season is in full swing and I can't resist the opportunity to share my opinion. I have written about 2014's Best Books You Might Have Missed and now I'm turning to my favorite fiction of the year. Since I've already gushed about these novels in their respective reviews, I'm highlighting some of my favorite lines in hopes you'll pick these books up if you haven't already.   ...more
What a fun way to celebrate your favorite reads!more

Politics, Survival and a Forgotten Art: The Story of Chinese Women Embroiderers

Like my other novels, Secret of a Thousand Beauties is about women who overcome great difficulties to make better lives for themselves. It is set in 1930s Suzhou and Beijing, a time when an imperial embroiderer might be your next-door neighbor. And a time of great creative ferment, but also great social turmoil with modernizers, revolutionaries, and gangsters vying to determine China’s future. Women were attaining more freedom, but the old oppressions persisted, such as the notorious ghost marriage, in which a woman was forced to marry a dead man. ...more
Mingmeiyip BlogHer So fascinating! Can't wait to read your book.more

Dresden Plates

My grandmother, Mildred, was born in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1902. She died in Windom, Minnesota, in 1974....more