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Let Me Fix That For You: A Dramaturge Explains What's Wrong With Patricia Arquette's Speech

In my former life, I was, among many other things, a dramaturge for young playwrights. In theater, a dramaturge is responsible for supporting the work of the playwright by doing research when necessary to ensure the play is historically and culturally correct. My job was to dig beyond the surface of the words to uncover deeper meanings and intentions. ...more
I meant to add... loved your title too... made me picture you like Kanye going up there and ...more

Jo Malone Incense & Cedrat Intense Cologne (2015) {New Perfume}

Incense & Cedrat Intense Cologne by Jo Malone is presented as a new fragrance benefiting for the first time from the technology of NaturePrint™ in order to be able to forgo using the genuine material, Frankincense or Olibanum, usually harvested from the endangered species of Boswellia Sacra......more

Fragonard Opens a Second Perfume Museum in Paris {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses} {Fragrance News}

The perfume house of Fragonard will open a new, larger perfume museum building from June 2015 in Paris. It already opened one in 1983 on rue Scribe, which is still running...Read more atélène Wagner...more

AERIN Rose de Grasse (2015) {New Perfume} {Rose Notebook}

AERIN have launched a new perfume called Rose de Grasse which marks the debut of a new library of scents entitled the Premier Collection...Read more atélène Wagner...more

Tension & release technique for story-telling through music

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Casting a wide 'net' for artists

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Blog Roundup - Jan 2015

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