Sound Off Sunday

This is the first week of Sound off Sunday.  This is exactly what it sounds like an opportunity to sound off about what ever may be on your mind or heart, good, bad or indifferent.  This is your weekly chance to interact with my and others within the Single Sole community,Here are some things I would like to sound off on:...more

My New Project

Just wanted to let you all know I'll be started a new little blog series, if that's what you want to call it, or whatever you want to view it. In the last couple of months I've been reading the Hannibal Lector Series by Thomas Harris, and I'd love very much to talk in depth about these books. They will be talked about in the form of reviews, without spoilers for those who haven't read them or scene the films adapted from them.My review of "Red Dragon" will be up probably over the weekend, maybe sooner.Again thank you so much for reading. :-)...more

Importance of choosing good exemplars to learn music

Read more at: ...more

If Vintage is In, Why Doesn't Anyone Have a Home Phone Anymore?

I saw the most amazing sight the other day. It wasn’t a double rainbow or a mama cow giving birth to a calf – all of those could certainly be deemed amazing. It wasn’t even my daughter washing my car or folding a load of laundry – other amazing sights to behold. The thing I saw was just as uncommon and out-of-the ordinary as those things and just as gratifying. A simple pay phone. That’s what I saw. Nothing newfangled about it; no upgrades to the ones I remember from my youth. Just plain and simple and, well, beautiful....more

Who's Behind That Sousaphone? - Marching Band

Who's Behind That Sousaphone? - Marching BandChaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.  ~Henry Adams...more

The wisdom of Shubhapanthuvaraali raagam


Taken Back

Two years ago, I fell in love with a painting. It’s of prairie grain elevators gilded golden with early morning sun. The old wooden structures stand tall in a skiff of new-fallen snow. In the background the town is represented by familiar shadows of black and grey, the shapes of towns from my past. ...more

Cultural Festivals in NYC

I'm not Thai, but I have a very strong love and adoration for Thai culture. I love Thailand and have visited the country many times (not to mention, you get 5 star resorts for really affordable prices - gotta love the currency conversion).When one of my friends told me about Experience Thailand, I was thrilled since it was happening in NYC....more

Our annual work planner