Being Picky Doesn't Mean Having Good Taste

For some reason, curation is all the rage. It's probably because  there is too much of everything. There's too much content about food, fashion, music and the like. Now everyone looks to the curators for direction....more

Vogue Kim and Kanye cover

Vogue magazine to many girls out there, represents the fashion mecca of the world. All of my life the word VOGUE meant something special. I follow Vogue on social media, print, and I watch any TV show, documentary, or film that relates to this fashion empire. If it has anything to do with Vogue, I want to know about it. Like many, I’m Vogue obsessed....more

Tapas Anyone??

Italian Woman Living In The High Land

Hi! This blog it represents a journal for me. Since I like writting, I decided to  create a blog based on my everyday experiences.I was born in the South Central part of Italy, Abruzzo ... at Teramo.  A city where people are hard workers and very skilled in the arts of all kind. hope you enjoy my blog !Arrivederci ! é ciao a tutti !!!A.C. ...more

Celebrating the Wonder of Children in Art

For an almost Wordless Wednesday post,  I discovered delightful paintings throughout the ages which celebrate the curiosity and sense of wonder that children have as they explore the world around them.helene schjerfbeckpere borrell del caso...more

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico: Tour of El Morro

This gloomy weather has me looking back to our vacation to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, a couple of years ago. We had a blast. It was hot and sunny for most of our stay. We explored the city, ate delicious food and visited several historical landmarks....more

Answers in my Art

I hope you've had a good week so far. This post is a follow up to my Painting Slideshow last week. In Answers I will go through a bit of my process and thoughts had during and after my painting. This is actually my favourite painting to date.I haven't spent much time in the past on colour theory or colour mixing.  I didn't bring every paint tube I own to the workshop (yes, that was hard!) so I would spend a bit more time actually mixing my own colours....more

From CINDERELLA to FROZEN: 21 Broadway Voices Overtake Disney One Classic at a Time

Originally posted on my blog: Singular Sensation....more

Fervently Psychedelic at the Psychedelic Furs concert

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined buying a ticket to a live rock concert with a coupon! Welcome to the cost-cutting-if-it-ain't-cheap-I-don't-want-it modern day America....more


The world is shapes and colors.  I used to teach a lesson about  synesthesia.  I found an article in U.S....more