On the run to Prison Break Tattoos

When was the last time you were locked up, behind bars and still given the opportunity to freely express yourself? Well, a time to express artiste without repercussions of your cell mate who may not totally agree with you, given that you have to share space. Could you imagine such a place where you could? If not, it’s ok. You don’t have to imagine -As there is an irrefutable hamlet, along Washington Avenue in Houston, Texas; that provides the experience for you....more

Sing the Silence

What If You Don’t Have Faith In Yourself?

It’s a cold, empty feeling, that not-having-faith-in-yourself feeling.Especially in this bright-eyed American culture of mandatory optimism.But some days, it’s just not there. You don’t feel worthy, you don’t feel special, you don’t feel like your projects are even worth your while, much less anyone else’s while....more

Library Advocacy: Why Libraries Are Important

When I was five years old, my father took me to the Escondido Public Library to get my very first library card. I remember walking in, my small hand enveloped in his, and feeling my breath catch. That moment when the doors slide open, the smell of the books, and the laughter of the librarians created a sense of reverence in me that was not unlike what a religious person feels when entering into a place of worship. Actually, it was exactly the same. This was my temple, my church. I’m twenty-five now, but my breath still catches when those doors slide open....more

How to Not Become a Better Writer in 3 Easy Days

Alternative Title: Why Yes, My Virtual Writer’s Retreat Was Lovely...more

My Story In 21 Days As Part of Winter Tangerine Review's "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" project

I am happy and proud to be featured in this project published by Winter Tangerine Review. My story “In 21 Days” appears. I wrote the story to provide my energy to the reality of a disproportionate number of Black Americans who are sentenced to hard time or who await the death penalty....more

The Color of Crime

Do the majority of people perceive violent crime as an African-American creation because it is most often true or because it is most often shown?...more

Artist extraordinaire

I CAME across a devotee of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal meditating on the Holy Eucharist and what she shared to me was both enlightening and uplifting in terms of spiritual and intellectual perspective on the arts and religion....more

Minimalism & Music

Click here to read more: http://bit.ly/minimalismandmusic...more