Finest Expressions - Designer Gifts & Gift Baskets

Finest Expressions - Designer Gifts & Gift Baskets is a Toronto based company that opened its doors in 2007. Its' a dream that two sisters share to create baby & wedding gifts that are not only useful today but also remembered for many years to come. Each gift is designed with our full attention and utmost creativity. We started our company blog so we could share our stories of being mom-entrepreneurs and provide more information on our different product lines. We also do post how to plan fabulous baby showers and throw unforgettable wedding receptions. ...more

Promoting Breast Health Through Art

One of the really cool things about my husband's art career is that it gives us the opportunity to support charities and causes we believe in. We like to give back where we can, and my husband's art allows us an outlet for that even when our financial situation may not. ...more

"Obamaware": Where politics and studio pottery meet!

Greetings, BlogHer readers: this is grassroots art at its best and most inspiring - invite Obama to your "kitchen table" (as politicians like to say) by purchasing a piece of Obamaware! ...more

Autumn and art


Inspired By Nature

Thursday October 16, 2008Manufacturers have gone back to nature recently, giving us interior design options that range from earth-inspired to environmentally friendly. Many designers are playing up the natural beauty of wood by leaving it rough-hewn and burly. Visit for more information. ...more

Art and Photography Blogs Focus on Fall

Fall can be an incredibly inspired time for artists as the season changes, giving way to shorter days, more reflection and if you're lucky, more time to create. Here's a nice sampling of offerings for fall from artists who are focused on the transformations of nature as well as the heart. ...more

That's a lovely collection, thank you for sharing.

I've been finding some great stock ...more

Hadrian...Made in Italy

While in London I treated myself to a magnificent show about Hadrian at the outstanding British Museum. One of the greatest men to ever have lived, it did not disappoint. And despite the somewhat boring audioguide, I did learn a bit about this great poet Emperor of ours whose immense burial tomb is now Castel Sant’Angelo. ...more

Do You Have a Hard Time Being Selfish?

As a creative woman do you have a hard time making room in your life for your work? Do you constantly take on other obligations that then take priority over your work?  Or have you figured out how to say "no?"  How to draw boundaries?  How to KEEP boundaries? Today, at blisschick, we are discussing this very issued.  Come on over and share your ideas! ...more

Indian Folk Artist Dithi of DeezDen

I have found and met some amazing artists in my internet/blog world browsing, and I am lucky enough to interview many of them. Dithi, formerly of Mumbai India and now living in Geneva, is one of those artists.  She is completely self-taught and her art is vivid and vivacious.   Each piece tells a different story of womanhood. Please stop by for a visit! ...more

Love the Way It Is by Sally Huss

"To love the way it is, is wise.  To love the way it isn't, is just as wise." (Happy Musings is a newspaper feature syndicated by King Features that I create each day to remind us all that “Life is wonderful!”  I offer it here to brighten your day.  Please share it with your friends.) ...more