Poetry Friday: Carol Muske-Dukes

Who is your all-time favorite character?

While visiting a Facebook fantasy fiction group, I found a discussion thread that piqued my interest: "Who is your all-time favorite character and why?" I expected people to say that they like certain characters because they are "strong" and "brave." But I didn't expect so many people to like characters with imperfections and fears. People like these characters because they are real and relatable. ...more

Glimpses of January

I've have a new hobby: taking unimportant pictures.  Just whatever catches my eye.  Its sort of soothing to look over them.  I want to see if I can create collections for every month of the year. These are glimpses of January. My favourite one is of a fun fair at the Waterfront. ...more


Hey Folks! Our Fabulous teen group, MY FAITH ALOUD, has put together the first of many video blogs. This video is the first half of a blog on ten things faithful teens should do before having sex. CHECK IT OUT. SEND IT TO YOUR FRIENDS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHHIC1liNZ8 ...more

Cecelia Ford: Oscar and Me

How To Make Powerful Presentation Folders

When you’re preparing for a presentation, you’ve probably got your charts, speech and props ready to go. You’ve also prepared your presentation in paper form for attendees to take home. A presentation folder to hand out your speech and accompanying materials is the perfect way to make a great impression without much effort. Think about it: would you be more impressed by someone handing one a pile of papers clipped together with a paperclip or organized neatly in a presentation folder? ...more


Come enter my life.  I'm enjoying a wonderful morning sipping coffee, blogging and feeling the warm winter sunshine pour through my windows.  I took an awesome picture of the rays of sun that area feeding my soul along with my friendships and my life.  Come and enjoy, I guarantee you will like it. ...more

How I Spent my Valentine’s Day Part 1.

I did it!    ...more

A Proactive Author is a Successful One

If you are an author, you know that without a publicist or agent, it is hard to make your mark — especially in the beginning, when you are a complete unknown. After I published my first book, The Quest for Excalibur, I learned about the industry the hard way. My publisher was not going to sit by the phone and make dates for book signings. That, I learned was my job. I had to advocate for myself; after all, I am not Michael Crichton or J.K. Rowling—at least, not yet. ...more