Photo Safari

One of my Christmas Presents from the husband was a gift certificate for a 4 hour photography class around the DC Monuments. Between being really pregnant at the time, having a baby and getting breastfeeding established, it wasn't until 6 months later that I was able to use my gift. To read full content, please visit my blog at ...more

Poetry Friday: a Prose Poem by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Born in London on the last night of the Blitz, Karen Alkalay-Gut has been living and writing out in the open ever since. She was reared in Rochester, NY where she received her PhD. from the University of Rochester. ...more

Interview with Leah Piken Kolidas, Artist & Host of Creative Every Day

On April 17th, I issued a double-dog-dare-you challenge. I asked that you pick one, super hard thing to do (or not do) for 100 days. I think vows like this can teach us a wide variety of lessons -- about ourselves and our assumptions, about our power and our weaknesses. So I understand the impulse that led Leah Piken Kolidas to do what she did. ...more

Exposing the Exposed!

It has just come to me.  My blog has gone personal.  For the readers I have who are writers, I am sorry.  However, this seems like the best therapy for me.  Maybe, I don't want to expose what goes on inside my head.  Nevertheless, do I need to do so.   However, I am. ...more

Loving Life and my daughter's hair!

I am way new to the whole blogging world and just wanted to get my blog out there.  It truly has been an amazing experience for me.  Spending time with my daugther, making her look adorable, making new friends, and finally expressing my creative outlet to people other than my husband (who might I add is not interested in my daughters hair one way or the other).  So Here I am world!  Loving life and my daughter's hair. ...more

How I wish I could meet Debbie Allen

After turning off the TV following another episode of "So you think you can dance" I sit quietly and reflect about my younger days when I thought I could dance. I loved to take ballet, jazz, modern dance lessons. Tonight, one of the brothers who didn't make it said that he's been told so many times that he was to short, chubby, bald, etc. to be a dancer. With tears in my eyes I remember that, short the bald part, that's why I left dance. ...more

BLOGS are US We are Bloghers here us sing with pleasure

Sunday, Jul 01 2007 BLOGS are US [ Vita's Healthy Banquet] -  vitalingus - @ 11:46:am Where did the word BLOG originate, from? A guy called ...more

Vita's professional Boundaries

Monday, Sep 25 2006 Fair play & clear communication [Vita's Rules/ ...more