Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas under $10

The Holiday season is already upon us, and soon it'll be time for Thanksgiving, and then Christmas! If you haven't started planning for this festive season, I beg you to buckle up and put on your thinking cap, as there's lots to finalize! From holiday decor to family dinners, there's plenty to keep you busy. To take away some of your pain, I give you a list of 5 easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece ideas - all of them are really simple to make, and all of them are under $10!! So it makes you and your family happy, and keeps your wallet happy too! ...more

Playing to the Right Crowd

This isn't my own blog post. I want to point you to another....more

Poetry Friday: Thanksgiving According to Ginger Andrews

Anything that one is drawn to say about Ginger Andrews is a going to be a mere piece of the picture. Yes, she cleans houses with her sisters for a living. Yes, she has lived on the trailer side of town while doing for the people in the houses on the hill....more

Listening Critically: What happens when you cross an aesthete, Hillsong, and discussion of German rock?

Over the last few months I have been sharing Goannatree with the guest posts of the talented Dr. Rose Bexar....more

Lars Von Trier- Misogynist or Genius?

"We've talked about it in lettersAnd we've talked about it on the phoneBut how you really feel about itI don't really knowWhat's Yr Take on Cassavetes?What's Yr Take on Cassavetes?What's Yr Take on Cassavetes?What's Yr Take on Cassavetes?Misogynist? Genius? Misogynist? Genius?Misogynist? Genius? Misogynist? Genius?...more

Defend art.

What happened: Artist John T. Unger’s work has been copied by a manufacturer. That mass-producing imitator has now filed suit to have Unger's copyrights of the work removed so that it can continue selling unlicensed and inexpensive knockoffs of the work. For more information about the case, visit this page of the artist's site. How people are reacting: ...more

Listening to 'Precious' on iTunes, an otherly experience to embrace.

For avid readers who prefer their own imagination to someone else's interpretation, audiobooks can detract rather than enhance. Recently I've enjoyed re-visiting Rebecca and The Castle of Otranto if only because my imagination dictated the first impression. ...more

Reflecting on the Joy of Pain

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.” ~Washington Irving...more

Veterans Day Poetry Friday