The Music-Memory Connection

I read an article by Judy Jones* about boosting memory in general and it contains a fascinating sidebar.  The work of British psychologist Catriona Morrison is quoted briefly, and specifically it mentions her exploration into how music affects memory.  (link to sidebar below) ...more

Poetry Friday: Just Before Bed

We’ve long been promising you an interview with perhaps our most faithful Voice in Verse — whose poem below is among the seasonal series with which she’s gifted us. The interview appears just after this week’s Poetry Friday poem, “Just Before Bed.” ...more

Meet the Blisschick in Cleveland for a Dose of Creative & Shiny Mayhem!

Okay. You know that I just figured out that I want to take this work that is the Blisschick way more seriously and no longer just see it as "warm up" for something else. ...more

How to make a Princess Tent (& a boy version!)

How to make a dreamy, girly Princess Tent ...more


sky drama

Tonight I’m on my way home and I’m thinking I’ll take the long way and go down and walk by the lake.  But it soon becomes apparent there is another thunderstorm approaching, and I’ve forgotten my umbrella.  ...more

a challenge: small steps

Writers and creative people often get stuck.  I can be one of the ‘stuckest’ – and I’ve come to learn that one of the best ways to become unstuck is to take small steps.  When you walk – figuratively or literally – the ever-benevolent universe begins to put things in your path.  You begin to uncover opportunities in the places you thought least likely. ...more

An Interview with Ginnah Howard, Part 1

by Laura Baudo Sillerman ...more

a wedding or two

Beautiful phtography has me weak in the knees and I am blown away by the stunning weddings that Joy Thigpen designs & Styles. The events are put together with such perfection, immaculate! I love everything! The flowers, oh the flowers. The dresses. The shoes. To see the amazing photos go to: ...more

The first casualty of Fox News? The truth, maybe?

I'm not a professional journalist - I've never been to journalism school, practiced the profession, nor considered myself up to the rigours of the job. Which are traits that would seem to be shared by at least some of the Fox News personnel involved in their coverage of a San Francisco spoken word performance. Perverts Put Out, a "sexually themed spoken word series", has suddenly found itself the soft target of a Fox News attack as part of a wider tirade against the National Endowment for the Arts and the stimulus package. ...more

... shame it's incompetence and inaccuracy, rather than good journalism. Still, some people like ...more

Poetry Friday: Her Spice Shelf